rdzogs chen sde gsum

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Three Sections of Dzogchen. After Garab Dorje established the six million four hundred thousand tantras of Dzogchen in the human world, his chief disciple, Manjushrimitra, arranged these tantras into three categories: the Mind Section emphasizing luminosity, the Space Section emphasizing emptiness, and the Instruction Section emphasizing their inseparability [RY]

three classes within Atiyoga [RY]

the three sections of Ati/mahasandhi. Three Classes of the Great Perfection. The Mental Class sems kyi sde or chittavarga. the Spatial Class klong gi sde or dhatuvarga. and the Esoteric Instructional Class man ngag gi sde or upadeshavarga. three classes of the Great Perfection; the three series of Dzogchen teachings [RY]

the three sections of ati/mahasandhi three classes of the great perfection [IW]

the three sections of maha ati/sandhi three classes of the great perfection [sems sde dang, klong sde, man ngag gi sde ste gsang sngags rdzogs pa chen po'i theg pa'i nang gses sde gsum mo, the mental class sems kyi sde or cittavarga, the spatial class klong gi sde or dh tuvarga, and the esoteric instructional class man ngag gi sde or upades'avarga] [IW]

three classes of the great perfection: sems kyi sde, klong gi sde, nan ngag gi sde: mental class, spatial class, oral/ esoteric instruction class GD [IW]

the three series of dzogchen [JV]