Twofold Welfare

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dkon mchog gsum - Three Jewels. The Precious Buddha, the Precious Dharma and the Precious Sangha. In The Light of Wisdom (Shambhala Publ.), Jamgön Kongtrül explains: "The Buddha is the nature of the four kayas and five wisdoms endowed with the twofold purity and the perfection of the twofold welfare. The Dharma is what is expressed, the unconditioned truth of total purification comprised of cessation and path, and that which expresses, the two aspects of statement and realization appearing as the names, words and letters of the teachings. The Sangha consists of the actual Sangha, the sons of the victorious ones abiding on the noble bhumis who are endowed with the qualities of wisdom and liberation, and the resembling Sangha who are on the paths of accumulation and joining as well as the noble shravakas and pratyekabuddhas." [RY]

don gnyis lhun gyis grub pa'i phrin las - the activity of spontaneously accomplishing the twofold welfare [RY]

The inseparable benefit of others as well as oneself is what's known as twofold welfare. Spontaneous accomplishment through a natural manifestation of one or more of the common siddhis. A noncontrived (as other than contrived or conjured)accomplishment of one or combinations of common siddhis. A natural manifestation of one of the infinite attributes of primordial wisdom. [RWB]