Primordial State

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Definition through use and context:

kun tu bzang po - samantabhadra, adi-buddha for rnying ma pa, sometimes a Bodhisattva, universal goodness, bon word for longs sku, good to all and everywhere and at all times, the first dhyani bodhisattva, the kamuga-sain of the mongols, primordial buddha, Primordial Buddha, always excellent, the primordial buddha, the primordial state of the individual beyond dualism and defects linked to time and circumstances, ever-perfect, the ultimate good, ever-perfect, always good, All-Beautiful One, good in all circumstances, always good [JV]

sku dang ye shes - kayas and wisdoms, dimension & primal awareness, dimension & wisdom (the self-perfected state manifests through sku which represents the dimension of the primordial state and ye shes which represents the energy of original wisdom) [JV]

dgongs pa - spiritual horizon, vision, primordial state, deep experience, realization, primordial condition, deepest sense, deep structure, intentionality, Mind, intention, state, mind, consideration, thought, opinion, view, to contemplate, intend, think, reflect, meditate, consider, permission, thought, fundamental principles, method of knowledge, principle of knowledge, Mind, true state, enlightened intent, intent, state of knowledge, state of realization [JV]

dgongs pa rnal ma - authentic principle, the natural primordial state [JV]

nyid thugs - his own primordial state [JV]

thugs - 1) mind [h]; 2) [h] prefix *, awareness, primordial state, buddha mind [Gd] heart, breast, feelings, spirit, primordial experience [IW]

thugs - h. of {sems} and {snying} makes non-honorific nouns honorific, awareness, primordial state, buddha mind. heart, breast, feelings, spirit, primordial experience; (enlightened) mind; Mind, Heart, Chitta [RY]

thugs dgyes pa{thugs - 1) mind [h] [Blo, yid, sems, {snying}; 2) [h] prefix [Thugs dogs.Thugs sems], awareness, primordial state, buddha mind [Gd]. heart, breast, feelings, spirit, primordial experience [IW]

gdod ma'i ngang - primordial state [JV]

bdag nyid chen po - great beings, magnanimous being, epithet of all buddhas, title for address for king, "your majesty", all-inclusive state of the individual, maha atmata, totality of one's state, the state, 1 of gtan tshigs bzhi, great state, great self, primordial state, the total state, total self, totality of one's state [JV]

rdo rje lu gu - vajra chains, the essential manifestation of the primordial state of rigpa, awareness as expanse of reality manifesting in the form of spheres of light [JV]

byang chub sems - bodhicitta, pure & total presence, primordial state, total presence, enlightened attitude, life-force, energy, ethical impulse, bodhisattva vow, seed of compassion, semen, as lived experience (myself and my milieu), as creativity (khu ba semen and rdul blood), as indivisibility (of stong nyid (e) the intended and snying rje (vam), mind principle of illumination, pure perfected nature of mind, ka dag lhun grub dbyer med, enlightened mind, awakened mind, awakening mind,bodhichitta [JV]

zhi gnas - samatha, peace, tranquillity, quiet, utter calmness, passive quietude, calm state, calm, inexcitability of mind, calm abiding, mental quiescence, (peaceful staying), calm abiding in tranquillity, calm state without thought, emptiness aspect of primordial state, state of calm, serene abiding, calming the mind, state of peaceful clam, attaining peaceful calm, clam abiding, shamatha [JV]

gzhi gnas - primordial state, abiding as the base, primordial basis [JV]

gzhi gnas kyi gshis - primordial state [JV]

gzhi gnas ngo bo - essence of the primordial state [JV]

gzhi ye babs - primordial state [RY]

gzod ma nyid - the beginning/ start, the primordial state [IW]

ye ji bzhin pa - primordial suchness, primordial state of being just as it is [JV]

ye ji bzhin pa - the primordial state of being just as it is; primordial isness [RY]

g.yo med - unmoving [from the primordial state]. still; still, unmoving [from the primordial state] [RY]

g.yo med - undisturbed. still, unmoving [from the primordial state] [IW]

rang rgyud ye gzhi - primordial state of consciousness [JV]

gshig ye babs - primordial state [IW]

gshis ye babs - natural primordial state [JV]

sems rgyud - one's mind, primordial state, mental continuum, mind-stream [JV]

sems rgyud - 1) nature of mind, primordial state; 2) [stream/ continuum of] mind [IW]

sems rgyud - mind-stream. Stream-of-being.(rgyud). The individual continuity of cognition in a sentient being. the stream of one's mind, mental continuum, mind, primordial state [RY]

sems snang gsum - three qualities of mind [Notes: primordial state of mind which has three aspects, red, white and blue; technical term referring to last, final experience of yogic practice] [IW]

lhag mthong - vipasyana, (-, mystic, piercing, special) insight, wider vision, ampler vision, wider perspective, (excellent seeing), insight wisdom, insight meditation, movement aspect of primordial state, seeing more, experiential understanding of the movement of thought, special insight, higher insight, penetrative insight, intuitive clarity, profound insight, vipashyana [JV]

a ti - primordial reality, Atiyoga, primordial, primordial state [JV]