lhag mthong

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[KOT=rDzogs chen equivalent of lhag mthong; cf. rang bzhin ye babs kyi bsam gtan [RB]

vipashyana, clear seeing [R] [IW]

vipashyana: insight, clear seeing, wider vision, clearly seen, analytical or special wisdom / insight, superior seeing, vipashyana, panoramic awareness, wider vision / perspective, penetrating insight. Syn lhag ger mthong ba, lhag par mthong ba, higher insight; penetrative insight/; higher insight, [vipashyana, Pali - vipassanna]; special insight; 'sublime seeing' meditation; intense insight [RY]

vipashyana; profound/ deeper/ penetrating/ penetrative insight [RB]

Vipashyana. 'Clear' or 'wider seeing.' Usually referring to insight into emptiness. One of the two main aspects of meditation practice, the other being shamatha [RY]

vipasyana, (-, mystic, piercing, special) insight, wider vision, ampler vision, wider perspective, (excellent seeing), insight wisdom, insight meditation, movement aspect of primordial state, seeing more, experiential understanding of the movement of thought, special insight, higher insight, penetrative insight, intuitive clarity, profound insight, vipashyana [JV]

Insight meditation [RY]

Vipaśyanā. 1) Higher vision, higher insight, higher perception; 2) special vision, special insight, special perception; 3) clear vision, clear insight, clear perception; 4) surpassing vision, surpassing insight, surpassing perception; 5) deep(-er) vision, deep(-er) insight, deep(-er) perception. "Insight" is often used for this term in relation to popular forms of Theravada meditation, but may be confusing with respect to other English renderings of Buddhist terminology which can also be called "insight", such as shes rab. 'Clear perception' gets close to the meaning of lhag mthong, in terms of cultivating an experiential understanding of the true nature of reality (generally through meditative techniques). 'Special' or 'higher' run of the risk of making it seem too extraordinary for most people. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]