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chos sku'i 'od gsal rnam pa bzhi - the four kinds of Dharmakaya luminosity {'od gsal rnam pa bzhi'i ye shes} {snang ba}, {mched pa}, {thob pa}, {thams cad stong pa 'od gsal ba} illumination, proliferation, attainment, luminosity of universal emptiness [IW]

nyam snang - illumination, exhibition, sudden flash, hint [JV]

mnyam - transcending awareness of mystic illumination, equal to meditation, similar, equal, like, one thing alone [JV]

mnyam bzhag - immediate experience, knowledge by experience into which no concepts enter, transcending awareness of mystic, illumination, to continue in the state, composure, concentration, non-conceptual primordial awareness, period of contemplation, knowledge through immediate experience, concentrative composure, hand gesture of meditative equanimity, settle into naturalness, meditative equipoise, absorption, naturalness, contemplative equipoise, sessions of practice, (for males, back of right hand on left palm with thumbs touching), state of even contemplation, equipoise, evenly composed, equanimity, evenness, remain in the equanimity of contemplation, to settle in the state of the equanimity of contemplation, hands in meditation gesture, remain in contemplation [JV]

ting nge 'dzin gsum - Three Samadhis. The samadhi of suchness, of illumination and of the seed-syllable. They form the framework for the development stage [RY]

ting 'dzin rnam gsum - three samadhis (suchness, illumination, seed-syllable) [JV]

nang gi 'od lnga - five inner aspects of illumination [RB]

snang - abbr. of {snang ba} appearance, phenomena, presence, to appear, show, be seen, be visible, to manifest, seem, day light, app. to {mun pa} illumination, thought, heart, mind, ex. {chos gnang} to be on one's mind, to see {mthong ba} perception. Syn {myong ba} to illuminate, make visible {snang mdzad} to lighten, a vision, one's outlook, occur, manifestations, projections, manifest oneself, feeling for, inclination to, to experience, perceive, feel, think, appear, manifest, be present, illuminate; thoughts, mind/ experience; seems; outlook; phenomena [RY]

snang ba - appearance, phenomena, sight, vision, experience, light, illumination, daylight; thought, feeling, interest [RY]

snang ba - sensory appearance; apparent phenomenon; perceived experience; apparent manifestation; vision (as in snang ba bzhi); illumination; to appear/ become apparent/ be evident/ manifest; to appear/ seem to (be) . . . ; (to give an) impression/ appearance (of); to take form; perceptions; isc. experience; isc. presence; isc. (enlightened) perspective (as is ye shes kyi snang ba or rig pa'i snang ba or chos sku'i snang ba) [RB]

snang ba - abhasa, form, phenomenality, appearance, presentation, apparent, light, presence, impression, material vision, daylight, karmic vision, arise, make its presence felt, to appear, to manifest, what appears, experience, that which is experienced, that which is directly experienced, how things appear, to make itself felt, brightness, lustre, glare, objective appearance, thing seen, apparition, visual seeing, one's sight, faculty of vision, thought, idea, notion, conception, attainments, intellectual illumination, emit light, shine, be bright, be seen, be perceived, show oneself, apparent, conscious, regard, seem, visualization, how things appear, vision, manifestation, apparent phenomena, phenomena, perceptions, perceptual experience, displays, perceptions [JV]

snang ba - {snang ba, snang ba, snang ba} intr. v.; 1) 1) to appear, become apparent, be evident, visible, manifest, present itself, come to light. 2) apparent, seem to be, come to one's notice. 3) appearance, phenomena, manifestation, apparent phenomenon / manifestation. 4) vision [as in {snang ba bzhi}, sight.5) experience, perception, impression, feeling, sensation, percept, that which is experienced. 6) thought, feeling, interest, idea, outlook. 7) to illuminate, emit light, shine, be bright, fill with light, enlighten. 8) light, illumination, daylight, splendor [RY]

snang tshe - illumination, exhibition [JV]

phyi gsal - outward clarity; outer luminosity, outward clarity [Syn {phyir gsal}; outer/ outward/ external(ized) illumination [RY]

phyi gsal - {phyir gsal} outer/ outward (expression of)/ external(ized) illumination/ vividness/ clarity [RB]

phyir gsal - {phyi gsal} outer/ outward (expression of)/ external(ized) illumination/ vividness/ clarity [RB]

byang chub sems - bodhichitta, pure & total presence, primordial state, total presence, enlightened attitude, life-force, energy, ethical impulse, bodhisattva's vow, seed of compassion, semen, as lived experience (myself and my milieu), as creativity (khu ba {semen} and rdul {blood}), as indivisibility (of stong nyid (e) the intended and snying rje (vam), mind principle of illumination, pure perfected nature of mind, ka dag lhun grub dbyer med, enlightened mind, awakened mind, awakening mind, bodhichitta [JV]

byad chub sems pa rnams snang ba thob pa - the Bodhisattvas reveal illumination beyond concept for both self and others [RY]

dbu ma dgongs pa rab gsal - illumination of the thought, by Dzong ka ba [RY]

zab mo snang ba - profound illumination [JV]

zab mo snang ba - profound illumination [gambhira-avabhasa-avasambhodham]; profound appearance [RY]

'od - light; luminosity; isc. illumination/ illuminating [RB]

'od byed pa - the illuminating one/ illumination [3rd spiritual level/ bhumi] [RB]

ye shes - jnana, (exalted, primordial) wisdom, (primal, transcending, original, unitary, authentic, pure, absolute, a priori, genuine, spiritual, ever-fresh, pristine) awareness, wakefulness, pristine cognition, mystic illumination, gnosis, understanding by peak experience, (intuitive, transcending, comprehensive, true) knowledge, SA mched pa'i ye shes, mnyam nyid ye shes, me long ye shes, chos dbyings ye shes, bya sgrub ye shes, sor rtog ye shes, perfect absolute divine wisdom, pristine wisdom, primordial awareness, timeless awareness [JV]

rab snang - complete illumination [RY]

rab gsal - completely banish, clear away, very clear, illuminated, quite evident, small balcony or gallery, illumination, cheerfulness, a legendary king, fully manifest [JV]

sangs rgyas kyi sa kun tu 'od - the buddhahood of universal illumination [RY]

so sor gsal ba - clearly differentiate, individual clarity, illumination, enlightenment, every day [JV]

gsal - clarity, transparency, luminosity, lucidity, irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clear, luminous absorption, luminescence luminous, appear, consonants, visualize, resplendent, separate, distinct, expressed, pale, in verbal constructions, to manifest, will manifest, shone, manifests as, shine forth, shines, clear [JV]

gsal ba - luminosity, translucency, radiance, clarity, vividness, lucent clarity, clear irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clearly visible instance, manifestation, be clear, bright, light, pure, visible to a great distance, conspicuous, apparent, intelligible, fully blown, copious in fullness, manifest, set aside, turned away, fame, to appear, natural clarity, reveals itself as, to illuminate, to visualize, luminous clarity, sometimes misspelling of bsal ba, to clearly know, to manifest as, to shine, cognizance, crystal-clear, brilliant, reflects [JV]

gsal ba ni rang du rig cing rang du gsal ba - luminosity is self-awareness and self-illumination [IW]

gsal byed kyi rgyu - causal force of illumination [JV]