Lower Abhidharma

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mngon pa 'og ma - the lesser [hinay na] abhidarma [IW]

mngon pa 'og ma - Abhidharmakosha [IW]

mngon pa 'og ma - Lower Abhidharma [RY]

mngon pa 'og ma - the Lower Abhidharma [RY]

mngon pa 'og ma'i lugs - the lesser hinayana abhidarma tradition [IW]

mngon pa 'og ma'i lugs - the tradition of the Lower Abhidharma [RY]

chos phung - heaps of Dharmas [desire and so forth the 84,000 kleshas, each one's antidote the Buddha's teaching are piled together in heaps. lhan cig tu spungs pa'i phung po ste. according to the mngon pa gong ma [of mahayana] each 1000 verses tshig le'ur byas pa stong phrag rer is counted as a chos phung, and according to the mngon pa 'og ma [hinayana] dbang po'i glang po che rab brtan gyis theg tsam gyi snag tsas chos kyi phung po gcig 'bri bar nus pa'i tshad kyi chos de is each count as a phung po divisions of dharma] [IW]