Seven Types of Individual Liberation

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dge bsnyen - (aup'asaka, genyen [among the {so thar ris bdun}, eg laymen w the five precepts, lay devotees, genyen, virtue obtained, (not to kill, not to lie, not to steal, not to take intoxicants, not to engage in sexual misconduct), (upasa_ka) Some may omit the intoxicants vow etc. or take the 8 1 day precepts] [IW]

dge tsul ma - getsulma (shramanirik'a)[1 of the so thar ris bdun] [IW]

dge tshul - getsul, shramanera [among the so thar ris bdun, male renunciate vowing to keep the bslab pa'i gzhi 10 &, char gtogs blangs 'das sa gsum] [IW]

dge slong - gelong, bhikshu [among the so thar ris bdun, 'dul w 253 precepts a liturgy vowing to keep them syn: nags gnas dang tsangs spyod, monk (fully ordained) {dge} = keeping morality, {slong} = begging precepts the above eight + precious gems and high thrones or beds, and all things renounced by monks] [IW]

dge slong ma - gelongma (bhikshuni:) [one of the so thar ris bdun, nun, fully ordained with 364 precepts] [IW]

dge slob ma - nun with six precepts [one of the {so thar ris bdun}, by dge tsul ma rnams dge slong ma vow for two years before the gelongma vow vowing to keep the rtsa ba'i chos six &, rjes mthun gyi chos 6: shiksamana] [IW]

nyes spyod sdom pa'i tshul khrims - controlling malpractices [Gdmk] the discipline of refraining from misdeeds/wrongdoing [one of *{tshul khrims gsum}* the discipline of refraining from wrong doing [IW]

so thar ris bdun - seven types of Individual Liberation [RY]

so thar ris bdun - the seven kinds of vows of the pratimoksha [RY]