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compassion, power, benevolence, kindness * rtsal/ gdangs, mercy, good heart, responsiveness, energy, compassionate energy/ quality/ expression, karuna, [ever responsive] energy, [merciful w] grace, felt reality, resonance, spirituality, * thanks [IW]

(innate) responsiveness*; isc. greatness of mind [RB]

karuna, energy, compassion, grace, favor, mercy, blessing, value, compassionate (responsiveness, expression), noble (purpose, heart), generosity, pity, commiseration, responsiveness, felt reality, resonance, omnipresent (compassion, power), potentiality of energy, potentiality of manifestation, potentiality of manifestation of energy (SA gdangs, rol pa, rtsal), 1 of chos gsum, innate compassionate responsiveness, potentiality of one's state, potentiality of compassionate energy, potentiality of compassion-energy, responsiveness, capacity [JV]

1) karuna, (h) of snying rje compassion, kindness, benevolence, grace, kindness, mercy, good heart, kind, benevolence, responsiveness merciful with grace. 2) Syn rtsal / gdangs capacity, expression, energy, compassionate energy / quality / expression, ever responsive energies, resonance, spirituality [RY]

compassion, [power] benevolence, kindness [Notes: means both kind and powerful the intention or inspiration to be kind is bka' 'drin. This is the fruition of that--the actual action whereas thugs rje is being generous, accommodating, snying rje is more feeling pity or sorry for someone (vctr). rtsal, gdangs. grace, compassion [h] snying rje. mercy, good heart, kind, responsiveness, energy, compassionate energy/quality/expression, karuna. energy, ever responsive energies, merciful with grace, responsiveness, felt reality, resonance, spirituality. quality of the emanational body according to the Great Perfection. [Gd-mk]. thanks, the buddha-body of perfect rapture, and the spirituality [Gd-mk]. bka' nyes thugs rje gang che [tserig]. snying rje. [IW]

Capacity [RY]