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Wheel-Monarch [JV]

Universal Monarch; Skt. chakravartin. One who rules over the four continents of human beings. He bears the thirty-two marks of a great being, and is assisted in his rule by the seven precious possessions [RY]

Universal ruler [RY]

Wheel monarch. see 'khor lo sgyur ba'i rgyal po universal emperor, [appeared only in the first aeons of this kalpa] [RY]

chakravartin/universal emperor, [appeared only in the first aeons of this kalpa men from age immeasurable up to 80,000 arising, by gold, silver, copper, and iron [IW]

chakravartin/ universal emperor, [IW]

chakravartin/ universal emperor, [Rwheels ruling the beings of the four continents syn: kun dbang dang, gnam bskos, ma lus rgyal po, mi yi lha, yang dag rgyal po, lhag pa'i dbang phyug] [IW]