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Celestial beings [RY]

deva, god, divine, deity, cipher of transcendence, whole class of minor gods, dwellers in upper zones of mount sumeru, varied collocations of deities (nyi ma'i lha, sna tshogs lha, nor lha, dga' ldan, 'od gsal lha, rlung lha, rgyal chen rigs lha, grub pa, drag po, tshogs kyi lha, rig 'dzin, chu skyes, gnod spyin, srin po, dri za, mi 'am ci, sha za, gsang ba grub pa, 'byung po), specific class of deity which dominates higher celestial space [JV]

deity; [detailed expl., The Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 62] [RY]

celestial beings [RY]

1) gods [as in worldly gods, or Desire realm gods]. 2) deity, divinity [as in meditational-]. god, deva, 3) divine, sacred. gods. sentient beings of the higher realms. deva. gods within the three realms of samsara. celestial being[s), divine ones, pleasure being, yidam, deva. celestial being[s), yidam, deva. divine; god, deity, Deva; sublime [RY]

god; deity [RB]

1) king; 2) buddha [R]; 3) god/ deva [R]; 4) 8 [R] [IW]

1) king; 2) buddha; 3) god/ deva; 4) 8 [IW]