Karma Chagmey

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kar ma chags med - mkhas grub r'a ga a sya (17th cent.), aka, Karma Chagmey Raga Asya. See {kar ma chags med ra ga a sya} [RY]

kar ma chags med ra ga a sya - Karma Chagmey Raga Asya (1613-1678); a great master of both the Nyingma and Kagyü traditions. Wrote the Instructions For Retreat Practice {ri chos}. An emanation of Guru Rinpoche's disciple Chok [RY]

chags med - Raga Asye. The 'Unattached One.' The Sanskrit name of Karma Chagmey. Chagmey Rinpoche. Syn {kar ma chags med} [RY]

chags med rin po che - Chagmey Rinpoche; alias Karma Chagmey Syn {mkhas grub kar ma chags med} [RY]

bde ba can smon lam - Prayer for taking rebirth in Sukhavati, by Karma Chagmey Raga Asya [RY]

gnam chos - termas revealed by Mingyur Dorje, nephew of Karma Chagmey; Sky Teaching. cycle of termas revealed by {gter ston mi 'gyur rdo rje} [RY]