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ku sha'i grong khyer - [Kushinagar] The city of Kusha; the holy place where Buddha Shakyamuni entered into the State of Ultimate Peace of parinirvana; believed to be near Gorakhpur close to the border of India and Nepal [RY]

ku sha'i grong khyer - kushinagara [one of 36 sacred places of buddhists)- the city of kusha believed near gorakhpur close to the border of india and nepal, where buddha shakyamuni entered into parinirvana] [IW]

sku mya ngan las 'das - pass away into parinirvana [RY]

khyad par gyi dus chen bzhi - the four special holy days of Buddha's birth enlightenment and parinirvana, turning the wheel of dharma, descending to be born from the god realms, displaying great miracles] [IW]

rtags tsam 'dzin pa'i le'u - {rtags tsam 'dzin pa'i le'u} [explains that after the Buddha's parinirvana the period of lasting of the teachings 500 years x 10 and in the last 500 rab tu byung ba'i rtags tsam las mi 'byung ba] [IW]

bstan pa'i gnas tshad - the length of time the teachings will endure [in sutra tradition, starting after the teacher's parinirvana, the teachings of the buddha are supposed to last 500 years x 10. In the phug tradition phug lugs by adding the dus bzhi snga ma dang phyi ma, lnga stong brgya dang bzhi] [IW]

mdo mya ngan las 'das pa chen po - maha parinirvana sutra [JV]

mya ngan las yongs su 'das pa - passed into parinirvana [RY]

yongs su mya ngan las 'das - final nirvana. the final passing away of buddhas, parinirvana [IW]

yongs su mya ngan las 'das pa - parinirvana. 'Completely passing beyond suffering.' 1) The final entry into nirvana. 2) Honorific term for the passing away of a buddha or a fully accomplished master [RY]

yongs su mya ngan las 'das pa - parinirvana [RY]