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rtog med rang gsal - Nonconceptual self-cognizance. The basic state of mind that is pointed out by the root guru; free from thoughts and yet naturally cognizing whatever is present [RY]

don dam rang rig chen po - ultimate great self-cognizance [RY]

ma bcos rang babs rang rig - self-cognizance of unfabricated naturalness [RY]

ye nas chos nyid rang gi rig pas rtogs pa - primordial realization through innate self-cognizance, One of {rtogs pa gnyis} The realization which is primordially acquired [RY]

rang babs rang gsal - spontaneous self-cognizance [RY]

rang byung rang gsal - self-existing self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig - one's own insight; 1) self awareness; aware of oneself; 2) self consciousness (according to Chittamatra), [svasamvedana]; self-cognizing (intrinsic) awareness; [lit.] your mind, inherent cognizance. [one's] self-cognizance. 1) self-known, self-aware, natural awareness, intrinsic awareness, apperception. 2) abr. of {rang byung rig pa} self-existing insight. 3) self knower, proprioceptive, self-consciousness [apperceptive], self-knower, one's mind, one's own insight, insight, my own mind. 4) the absolute truth in Y. comp. {rang gi rig pa}; self-existing awareness [RY]

rang rig ka dag - primordially pure self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig mngon sum - direct perception of intrinsic awareness/ self-cognizance, self- knowing direct perceiver TSE [IW]

rang rig mngon sum tshad ma - pramana of direct perception of intrinsic awareness/ self-cognizance [IW]

rang rig mngon gsum - the direct perception of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig chos sku - Dharmakaya of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig chos sku'i gsal mdangs - luminous dharmakaya manifestation of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig thig le nyag gcig - single circle of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig pas nyams su myong ba'i tha snyad - designation being made from experiencing with self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig blo 'das - self-cognizance beyond concepts [RY]

rang rig 'od gsal - self-cognizant luminosity, luminosity of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig rang gsal - self-aware self-cognizance, self-cognizant awareness [RY]

rang shes rig pa'i rgyal po - king of self-cognizance; the King who is self knowing Awareness [RY]

rang gsal - self-luminous, naturally awake; inherent clarity, inherent luminosity; natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, natural lucidity / clarity, luminosity; natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, spontaneous cognizance, natural lucidity / clarity, luminosity; one's own awareness; self-luminous [RY]

rang gsal mi rtog pa'i ngang - the nonconceptual state of self-cognizance [RY]

so so rang gi rig ngor - at the level of individual self-cognizance [RY]

so so rang rig - individual knowledge, individual self-cognizance, individual self-cognizing awareness, individual self-insight / awareness, that which perceives or knows, specific knowledge of itself; [the absolute real in {sems tsam pa}] [RY]