Luminous Vajra Essence

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('od gsal rdo rje snying po):

chos sku 'od gsal rdo rje snying po'i zhing - Dharmakaya realm of the Luminous Vajra Essence, the realm of the great all-pervasive dharmadhatu [RY]

'od gsal rdo rje snying po - Luminous Vajra Essence. A synonym for the Great Perfection, Dzogchen, in general, and the Instruction Section of Dzogchen, in particular [RY]

'od gsal rdo rje snying po - Luminous Vajra Essence, Indestructible Nucleus of Inner Radiance. the dimension of the buddha-body of reality. Syn {rdzogs chen} [RY]

gsang ba bla na med pa 'od gsal rdo rje snying po - secret and unexcelled Luminous Vajra Essence [RY]