Six Dharmas of Sugatagarbha

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bde gshegs snying po'i chos drug gzung 'dzin la sogs pa'i rtog pa med pa - the six dharmas of sugatagarbha 1) without conceptualizations/ discursive thoughts of subject and object/grasping and fixation and so forth. 2) without the appearance of discursive/conceptualized thoughts {rnam par mi rtog pa'i snang ba med pa}. 3) without the form of atoms {rdul phra rab kyi gzugs med pa}. 4) without the motion of characteristics {mtshan ma'i gyo ba med pa}, the emptiness of these 5) transcending non-affirming negation by its luminous nature, having the characteristic of 6) individual and personal knowledge of its own nature {rang gi ngo bo so so rang gis rig pa} [IW]