Absolute Nature

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dngos po gshis gyi don - the absolute nature of things [RY]

chos nyid - ultimate particular point-instant, aesthetic object apart from beliefs about it, the real thing at hand, the thing in question, the actuality, the datum, authentic reality, reality, being qua being, concrete universal, state of being what is reality itself, the ultimate content of what is, absolute nature of existents, innate, quality, nature, existence, entity, nature of things, essence of existence in its pure and absolute reality, ultimate nature, ultimate nature of phenomena, true nature, true nature of existence, fundamental reality, nature of existence, nature of phenomena [JV]

chos nyid zad sa - exhaustion of phenomena in dharmata, exhaustion in the absolute nature of phenomena [RY]

chos nyid yongs su grub pa'i mtshan nyid - the characteristic of the absolute nature [RY]

chos thams cad stong pa nyid - emptiness of all dharmas/ phenomena [one of the {stong pa nyid bco brgyad} = 18 emptinesses or 16 all inner and outer dharmas are impermanent, painful, empty, egoless hence in the absolute natureless: empty] [IW]

ji lta ba mkhyen pa - wisdom of knowing the absolute nature of all [RY]

ji lta ba mkhyen pa - seeing as it is (sunya), wisdom of knowing the absolute nature of all [JV]

don dam pa'i bden pa - Ultimate Truth. The absolute nature of relative truth; that all phenomena are beyond arising, dwelling and ceasing [RY]

don dam gshis kyi gnas lugs - the natural condition of the ultimate essence; the absolute nature, the way things are [IW]

don dam sems kyi ngo sprod gnang ba - gave the pointing-out instruction to the ultimate mind essence; introduced me to mind's absolute nature [RY]

gnas lugs - natural (situation, condition of things, state, state of all things), essential nature, mode of subsistence, mode of abiding, reality, being, real (disposition, being, existence), genuine (existence, deep-structuring), existential presence, circumstances, condition, situation, principle, truth, haeceity, presence, being-oneself, being-in-itself, primordial experience of being, the fact of being, blunt fact of existence, things as they are, SA dngos po'i gnas lugs, absolute nature, situation, condition, fundamental nature, actuality, enduring condition, true essence, natural state, true nature, way of abiding, real mode [JV]

gnas lugs gshis - absolute nature [RY]

rnal ma - 1) the true, real, actual, genuine, original, pure, basic. 2) natural state, uncontrived state, absolute nature, fundamental / natural condition. 3) Syn {dngos ma}, {ma bcos pa}, {ma bcos pa'i don}, {so ma}, {gshis lugs}, {yang dag pa} [RY]

rnal ma - 1) the true, real, genuine, original; 2) absolute nature, natural state; 3) unfabricated, uncontrived state; 4) fresh [IW]

'od gsal chos nyid - luminous nature, nature of luminosity, the luminous absolute nature [RY]

yin lugs - as it is, fundamental being, innate condition, modes of reality. abiding nature of reality, the true / absolute nature, the mode of being, 'how it is', the condition of [the detailed characteristics of the nature] the natural state, natural state of existence; the mode of being; mode/ manner of being; the way something/ things actually is/ are. Syn {gnas lugs} [RY]

yin lugs - 1) reason; 2) nature of emptiness; 3) how/as it is, fundamental being, innate condition, modes of reality, detailed attributes of the abiding nature of reality.,the true/ absolute nature, the mode of being, the condition of [the detailed characteristics of the nature] the natural state [IW]

gshis - ultimate nature, pure being, existentially given fact, dynamic phenomenon, deep-structured dynamics, being as such, innate, nature, temper, natural disposition, person, body, absolute nature, causal connective, innate disposition, innate disposition, true nature, condition, fundamentally unconditioned, state, real condition [JV]