Realm of Form

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tshangs pa - Brahma one of the {phyogs skyong bcu} the ten guardians of the directions. Brahma, [ruler of the realm of form], whole, complete. Brahma (God); pure/ chaste [RY]

gzugs kyi 'dod chags - attachment to form [the realm of form] [RY]

gzugs khams - 1) lus khams; 2) form realms dhyana realms above Mt. Meru in space, dvangs pa'i rang bzhin gyi realm of form, visible form element, 1 of the 18 dhatus] [IW]

gzugs khams kyi gnas ris bzhi - four domains of the realm of form [IW]

'og min - Akanishtha, the highest plane of existence; Akanishtha. Syn {lcang lo can} Akanishtha, the Unexcelled, Highest [realm]. highest pure land, buddhafield of Akanishtha; pinnacle pure realm; pure realm of Akanishtha/ Pinnacle Under Nothing. Syn {lcang lo can} Akanishtha, Highest Pure Land, the Unsurpassable Buddhafield, "Below None" [a deities' level], the Unexcelled, Highest [realm] 1) the fifth of the {gnas gtsang ma lnga} in the realm of form. 2) the place of enlightenment, 3) pure land of Vairochana, 4) unsurpassable. one of the 28 classes of gods in the {gzugs kyi khams} form realm of the {gnas gtsang ma'i} pure reaches. In Nyingma terminology is used to indicate an "invaluable" inner experience. See Longchenpa's {dpal gsang ba snying po de kho na nyid nges pa'i rgyud kyi 'grel pa} the place of {sangs rgya ba}, the pure land of {rnam par snang mdzad} the fifth of the {gnas gtsang ma lnga} [RY]