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Enlightenment (sangs rgyas): synonymous of Buddhahood. The ultimate accomplishment of spiritual training. Consummate inner wisdom united with infinite compassion. A perfect understanding of the nature of mind and of phenomena, that is their relative mode of existence (the way they appears) and their ultimate nature (the way they are). Such understanding is the fundamental antidote to ignorance and therefore to suffering. [MR]

bodhichitta - awakened mind, bodhichitta, bodhimind, awakened heart, mind, enlightened mind, attitude, mind, thought of enlightenment [RY]

SA byang chub sems, altruistic aspiration to enlightenment, awakening mind, bodhicitta [JV]

awakening mind; bodhichitta, mind of enlightenment, will to enlightenment, thought of enlightenment, bodhimind, awakened heart, mind of enlightenment, enlightened mind, attitude, mind, thought of enlightenment, enlightening spirit, sexual energies in a tantric context, altruistic aspiration to enlightenment. Bodhichitta, enlightened mind, the Thought of Enlightenment, [bodhichitta], enlightening attitude/ bodhichitta, mind of enlightenment [RY]

bodhisattva, bodhicitta [enlightened mind, awakened mind, bodh imind, enlightened attitude, turning the mind towards enlightenment, the bodhi-mind] [IW]

bodhisattva, bodhicitta [IW]

bodhichitta; (in Mahayana contexts) awakening mind/ attitude; (in Dzogchen context) awakened/ enlightened mind; isc. semen/ bindu/ concentrated subtle energy [RB]

1) bodhicitta, mind/ will/ thought of enlightenment, bodhi; 2) awakening mind, awakened heart; 3) sexual energies/ enlightened mind [IW]

Bodhichitta (byang chub kyi sems): lit. "the mind of enlightenment". On the relative level, it is the wish to attain Buddhahood for the sake of all beings, as well as the practice of the path of love, compassion, the six transcendent perfections, etc., necessary for achieving that goal. On the absolute level, it is the direct insight into the ultimate nature. [MR]