Mt. Meru

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skabs gsum - 1) the three times, past, present and future. 2) name of a sutra in honor of the Buddha Shakyamuni. 3) deities [in general] 4) name of a class of 33 deities residing on Mt. Meru [RY]

skabs gsum gnas - heavens; Mt. Meru. lit. "abode of the gods." [RY]

khyung skyug - "vomited by Garuda" a bind / short of stone found in Tibet, a kind of gem said to have been brought from Mt. Meru by garuda and vomited by him is used as jewelry in Khams [RY]

rgya mtsho chen po bzhi - the four great oceans [around Mt. Meru] [RY]

rgyal chen ris bzhi pa'i lha - the gods in the first of {'dod lha rigs drug} live mostly on {lhun po'i bang rim} the [four] terraces of Mt. Sumeru. 1) {gzhong thogs} n. of a yaksha class who resides on the seashore at the foot of Mt. Sumeru (see entry), 2) {phreng thogs} Garland-holder (see entry),3) {rtag myos} the 'ever-intoxicated' class of deities, abode of desire gods on the neck of Mt. Meru, {ri rab kyi bang rim gsum pa} (see entry), 4) {rgyal chen bzhi} the domains of the Four Great Kings [situated on top of Mt. Sumeru] (see entry), also {rgyal po bzhi'i ris} [RY]

lcags ri mu khyud - the ring of iron mountains [which surrounds Mt. Meru and the four continents.] [RY]

rtag myos - the 'ever-intoxicated' class of deities, abode of desire gods on the neck of Mt. Meru, {ri rab kyi bang rim gsum pa, rgyal chen ris bzhi}; abode of desire gods, {rgyal chen ris bzhi} [RY]

brtan pa snod kyi 'jig rten - the inanimate is the world, the vessel, [the external material world, with Mt. Meru and the four continents etc] [IW]

dus 'khor lugs kyi rol mtsho bdun - the 7 lakes surrounding Mt. Meru [Kalachakra] [IW]

'dun sa chos bzang - good dharma of the meeting place [if 1 looks at the summit of Mt. Meru, outside the pleasant city at the SW edge is a place where the 33 gods gather.] [IW]

phreng thogs - Garland-holder, [the second terrace of Mt. Meru, abode of {rgyal chen} [RY]

ba tshwa can gyi rgya mtsho - the salt-water ocean; the Salty Ocean, [Syn {ba tshva'i rgya mtsho}. the ocean between the four continents and the surrounding iron wall in the traditional Buddhist layout of the universe with Mt. Meru etc [RY]

mtsho bdun - The seven encircling lakes around Mt. Meru [RY]

ri - mountain [Mt. Meru]; mountain, hill [RY]

ri rgyal - Mt. Meru [IW]

ri bo mchog rab - Mount Meru; Mt. Meru [RY]

ri bo yi rgyal po mchog rab - excellent Mt. Meru [RY]

ri rab - Mt. Meru, Mount Sumeru, Mount Supreme, the Universal Mountain. Syn {ri rab lhun po}; Mount Meru. [RY]

ri rab kyi bang rim dang po - abode of gods on the neck of Mt. Meru under {rtag myos} and {phreng thogs} [RY]

ri rab tsam - large as Mt. Meru [RY]

sum cu rtsa gsum pa - Trayastrimsa (Realm of the 33 Gods); Heaven / Abode / Land of the Thirty-three Gods [the principal gods on Mt. Meru], one of the 28 classes of gods in the {'dod khams} desire realm, the gods of the 33 [RY]

lha'i gnas - 1) sky; 2) Mt. Meru; 3) realm of the gods [IW]