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kun khyab bzhin ston - epith. of Garuda, king of the birds [RY]

klu mthar byed - destroyer of nagas: a) Garuda bird, b) the chief patriarch of the nagas [RY]

klu za - Garuda bird [RY]

klu yi dgra - Garuda bird [RY]

skar mig bu - 1) son of Star-eye. 2) Garuda bird [RY]

skya rengs nu bo - epith. of Garuda [RY]

skya rengs nu bo - Garuda [IW]

khyab 'jug gi bzhon - Garuda bird [lit. Vishnu's mount] [RY]

khyab 'jug shing rta - Garuda bird [RY]

khyung dkar mo - White Garuda [RY]

khyung skyug- "vomited by Garuda" a bind / short of stone found in Tibet, a kind of gem said to have been brought from Mt. Meru by garuda and vomited by him is used as jewelry in Khams [RY]

khyung khra - Variegated Garuda, Multicolored Garudas [RY]

khyung dgon - Khyung Gön, in Domey. Garuda Monastery [RY]

khyung mgo ma - Garuda-head Lady {stobs chen dmar mo} [one of the 28 {dbang phyug ma} [IW]

khyung mgo ma - Garuda-head. Syn {stobs chen dmar mo} One of the 28 {dbang phyug ma} [RY]

khyung sngon skyes - "one that was born before Garuda". epith. of Aruna, the charioteer of Surya [sun] [RY]

khyung chen - Great Garuda, n of tantra [RY]

khyung chen - great Garuda; the Great Garuda Tantra [RY]

khyung chen - nt. The Great Garuda. Syn {khyung chen mkha' lding} [RY]

khyung chen mkha' lding - nt. The Great Garuda Soaring in Space [RY]

khyung chen mkha' lding gi rgyud - Tantra of the Great Soaring Garuda [RY]

khyung sder - "Garuda-claw" [n. of a medicinal root] [RY]

khyung nag - 1) Black Garuda. 2) eight-legged lion [RY]

khyung lung dngul mkhar - Silver Palace of the Garuda Valley [JV]

khyung ser bka' gdams lugs - the Kadampa tradition's Yellow Garuda [RY]

khyung gser mig 'khyil ba - form of a presentation of Garuda, eagle [RY]

khyung gser mig 'khyil ba - form of Garuda, eagle [IW]

mkhan chen phyag rdor ba'i lha gsum - The three deities of the great master Vajrapani: 1) {rta mgrin}. Hayagriva 2) {phyag na rdo rje}. Vajrapani 3) {bya khyung}. Garuda bird [RY]

mkha' lding - Garudas, eagle, bird that soars on high [JV]

mkha' lding - Garuda. The mythological bird, able to travel from one end of the universe to the other with a single movement of its wings. It is also known to hatch from the egg fully developed and ready to soar through the sky. [RY]

mkha' lding gi rgya - nam mkha' lding gi rgya - Garuda mudra [RY]

mkha' lding rgyal mtshan - "Having Garuda as its emblem" [epithet. of Vishnu] [RY]

mkha' lding gshog pa - emerald, Garuda's wing [RY]

rgyan bzhi - Four Ornaments; four classical themes of old brocades--the elephant, hastina, symbolizing strength; the deer, sharana, symbolizing compassion; the sea monster, patrana who purified desire; and the Garuda, karuna, who purified ignorance. [MR] [RY]

gnyen po khyung gi sgrub pa - Garuda Remedy Sadhana [RY]

lta ba khyung chen gyi lung - Great Garuda View Scripture. A tantra belonging the Mind Section of the Great Perfection. A tantra with similar title is found in Vol. KA of the Nyingma Gyübum [RY]

lta ba'i mgur mkha' lding gshog rlabs - The Flight of the Garuda (restricted, Rangjung Yeshe), by Shabkar [RY]

bdug rdzas log 'dren kun 'joms - the incense substance Destroyer of Misguiding Forces; from the byang gter khyung nag - Black Garuda of the Jangter tradition] [RY]

nam mkha' lding phug - Namkha Ding Phug, at Nyanang. See Cave: Garuda Cave [RY]

nam mkha' lding phug - Garuda Cave. See under Cave [RY]

nam mkha' lding phug - Garuda Cave, at Nyanang in Latö [RY]

byang gter khyung nag - Black Garuda of the Jangter tradition [RY]

brag dmar bya khyung - Red Rock Garuda [RY]

gser brag bya khyung tshal - Golden Rock Garuda Forest. The place where the Indian master Hungkara lived [RY]