Dhyani Bodhisattva

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kun tu bzang po - samantabhadra, adi-buddha for rnying ma pa, sometimes a Bodhisattva, universal goodness, bon word for longs sku, good to all and everywhere and at all times, the first dhyani bodhisattva, the kamuga-sain of the mongols, primordial buddha, Primordial Buddha, always excellent, the primordial buddha, the primordial state of the individual beyond dualism and defects linked to time and circumstances, ever-perfect, the ultimate good, ever-perfect, always good, All-Beautiful One, good in all circumstances, always good [JV]

'khor lo'i mgon po - 1) the Lord of the mandala; 2) the protector of the world, dhyani bodhisattva [IW]

'jam dpal - Manjusri, dhyani bodhisattva, dhyani buddha, Gentle Splendor [JV]

'jig rten gsum rgyal - trsilokyavijaya, a dhyani bodhisattva [JV]

rdo rje 'chang - vajradhara, adibuddha for dge-lugs-pa, (symbolical term for the indivisible unity of the pre-reflective nonthematic and the reflective-thematic in experience, established through byin gyis rlabs of samantabhadra, transition from absolute to relative (he wears ornaments), he taught phyag na rdo rje, yum is shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa), primordial chos sku arrayed in longs sku ornaments, blue, arms crossed with bell and vajra), indestructible comprehension, dhyani bodhisattva, sage [JV]

nam mkha'i snying po - akasagarbha sutra, a dhyani bodhisattva, essence of the sky [JV]

ye shes sems dpa' - primordial wisdom deity, dhyani bodhisattvas, wisdom deity [JV]