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rnal 'byor bzhi - four yogas; 1) the Four Yogas: one-pointedness, simplicity, one taste, and nonmeditation. 2) {sems dpa'i rnal 'byor sngags phyi pa gsum, rnal 'byor chen po bskyed pa ma hA yo ga, yongs su rnal 'byor lung a nu yo ga, shin tu rnal 'byor man ngag a ti yo ga} [RY]

rnal 'byor bzhi rtse gcig - one-pointedness [RY]

phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor bzhi - the four yogas of Mahamudra, {rtse gcig} one-pointedness, {spros bral} simplicity, {ro gcig} one taste, {sgom med} nonmeditation; Four Yogas of Mahamudra [RY]

phyag chen gyi rnal 'byor bzhi - Four Yogas of Mahamudra. Four stages in Mahamudra practice: one-pointedness, simplicity, one taste, and nonmeditation [RY]

rtse gcig - 1) one-pointed, one-pointedly, one-pointedness of mind; single-minded concentration. 2) one-pointedness, one of the {phyag rgya chen po'i rnal 'byor bzhi} the four yogas of Mahamudra; see also {rtse gcig rnal 'byor} the yoga of one-pointedness [RY]

rtse gcig - ekagrata, one-pointedness, one-pointed concentration (in abhidharma and sutras), unitary experience (in tantras), the state of being focussed, unique kind of whole associated with shunya, SA rnal 'byor rnam bzhi, singleminded, undivided attention, one-pointedness of mind, sharply, one-pointed fixation [JV]

rtse gcig chung ngu - lesser one-pointedness [RY]

rtse gcig che 'bring chung gsum - the three levels of [the Mahamudra yoga of] one-pointedness, greater, medium, and lesser [RY]

rtse gcig chen po - greater one-pointedness [RY]

rtse gcig tu byed pa - to be single-minded, concentrate on, one-pointedness, single pointed application. {sems gnas dgu} the eighth. Being one-pointed in effort in order to reach effortlessness] [RY]

rtse gcig rnal 'byor - the yoga of one-pointedness; the first of the four yogas of Mahamudra [RY]

rtse gcig 'bring - medium one-pointedness [RY]

sems gnas pa'i thabs dgu - nine means of mental stillness; nine means of mental stillness: Resting, continual resting, and repeated resting, fully resting, taming, and pacifying, fully pacifying, one-pointedness, and settling in equanimity [RY]

sems rtse gcig pa - def {zhi gnas kyi ting 'dzin} one-pointedness [RY]

bsam gtan gyi yan lag lnga - the five dhyana factors, the five limbs of trance. 1) {rtog pa} thoughts adjusted. 2) {dpyod pa} thoughts discoursing. 3) {dga' ba} zest. 4) {sla ba} ease. 5) {rtse mo gcig} one-pointedness of thought [RY]