Universal Light

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kun tu 'od - samantaprabha; universal illumination, Universal Light, Constant Illumination, Complete Illumination. 11th bhumi, buddhahood according to the Sutra system [RY]

11th bhumi - Universal Light. Constant Illumination. Buddhahood (nonceasing due to nonarising, "the dragon swallowing it's tail") Infinite. [RWB]

kun tu 'od kyi sa - the 11th bhumi of constant illumination, Universal Light. One of {sangs rgyas kyi sa gsum}. (RY)

bcu gcig kun tu 'od kyi sa - 11th bhumi of The Universal Light [RY]

sa bcu gcig - eleven levels; Eleven Levels. The ten levels enumerated above, (see bhumis) with the addition of the level of Universal Light, Samantaprabha. or {kun tu 'od}. 11th bhumi. [RY]