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ka lan da ka'i gnas - kalandakanivasa grove [near Rajagriha] [IW]

bka' bsdu ba gsum - three councils: 1) at Rajgir. 2) Vaishali. and #; Three Councils. 1) The first was convened in Rajagriha in the year following the Buddha's final nirvana. 2) The second was convened at Vaishali during the reign of Vigatashoka. 3) the third was convened during the reign of Kanishka [RY]

grong kyer rgyal po'i khab - the city of Rajagriha [RY]

rgyal po'i khab - Rajagriha, present day Rajgir in India. Rajagriha [the ancient capital of Magadha] [RY]

rgyal po'i khab - grong khyer rgyal po'i khab tu - in the royal city of Rajagriha [RY]

rgyal po'i khab tu - in the city of Rajagriha [RY]

'bum - 1) 100,000; 2) The Prajnaparamita Sutra in 8,000 Lines, [by the Buddha on the Vulture Peak, in the city of Rajagriha etc. to the sangha of bodhisattvas the profound dharmas of emptiness taught in answer to questions of Shariputra, Subhuti, brgya byin and so forth,] The extensive Prajnaparamita in a hundred thousand verses [IW] (see The Perfection of Wisdom in 8,000 Lines (RiBa))

'od ma'i tshal - the Bamboo Grove {bcom ldan 'das rgyal po'i khab 'od ma'i tshal ka lan ta ka'i gnas su bzhugs tshe} when the Bhagavan was residing in Rajagriha in the Bamboo Grove of Kalandaka [RY]