Wisdom of Emptiness

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ngo bo rang bzhin thugs rje - essence, nature, and capacity. The three aspects of the sugata-garbha according to the Dzogchen system. Essence is the primordially pure wisdom of emptiness. The nature is the spontaneously present wisdom of cognizance. The capacity is the all-pervasive wisdom of indivisibility. This is, ultimately, the identity of the Three Roots, the Three Jewels and the three kayas [RY]

stong pa nyid kyi ye shes - wisdom of emptiness; dharmadhatu wisdom [RY]

stong pa'i ye shes - exalted wisdom of emptiness [RY]

mi rtog chen po'i thugs - the mind of the great nonthought [beyond thinking and not thinking) the wisdom of emptiness, the mind of the great non-thought of dharmakaya in Nyingma mantra [IW]