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gru 'dzin - Potala. 1) The pure land of Avalokiteshvara. Also {ri bo gru 'dzin} [RY]

gru 'dzin - 1) rudder [that which can direct, "hold" the boat / also sail and engine]. 2) Potala, island on the coast of china, buddhafield of Avalokiteshvara. Syn {ri bo po ta la}; the Potala [RY]

gru 'dzin gnyis pa - the second Potala. Syn {lha sa po ta la} [RY]

gru 'dzin gnyis pa - [2nd] Lhasa Potala [IW]

gru 'dzin bdag po - the Lord of Potala. Syn {spyan ras gzigs}; Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara. the Lord of Potala. Syn {spyan ras gzigs} [RY]

gru 'dzin ri - Potala mountain [RY]

lcags po ri - Chakpori, hill near the Potala, on top of which was the medical college. Medical College Hill, a sacred mountain in Lhasa. Chakpori Hill Chakpori, in Lhasa [RY]

lcags pho ri - name of a hill near the Potala [JV]

chobs bsgyur yar phebs dang tshogs phebs - the Procession to the Potala (ceremony in the 10th Tibetan month) [JV]

chos rgyal sgrub phug - cave of Songtsen Gampo now in Potala [RY]

gdung rabs lha khang - temple of lineal succession, in the Potala [RY]

'dod dpal mkhan po - master goldsmiths of Döpel [at the bottom of the Potala] [RY]

po ta la - Potala, [mountain of Avalokiteshvara]. winter palace of Dalai Lama [in Lhasa] [RY]

po ta la yi rtse - atop the peak of Mount Potala [RY]

po ta la'i pho brang dmar po - Potala's Red Palace [IW]

po ta la'i shod - at the bottom of the Potala [RY]

pho brang gru 'dzin gnyis pa - the palace that is the Potala on earth [RY]

pho brang ri bo gru 'dzin - Potala Palace 1) the Buddhafield of Avalokiteshvara. 2) The Potala of Lhasa; said to be an earthly version of the celestial Potala Palace [RY]

pho brang ri bo gru 'dzin - Potala Palace [RY]

'phags pa lag na pad mo'i pho brang ri bo gru 'dzin - the palace of the noble 1 Padmapani, the Potala [IW]

rtse po ta la - the Potala Palace [in Lhasa] [RY]

rtse pho brang - Potala palace, {rtse po ta la} [IW]

rtse pho brang - Potala Palace. [sm. {rtse po ta la} [RY]

rtse pho brang po tA la - Potala, the Summit Palace [RY]

tshe gdung khang - tomb of the fifth dala lama in Potala [RY]

zhol - lower part, bottom, foot of the mts, town section of Lhasa below the Potala [IW]

ri bo gru 'dzin - Potala mt/ ri bo po ta la [IW]

ri bo gru 'dzin - Potala [RY]

ri bo gru 'dzin - Mount Potala. 2) Name of the Dalai Lama's residence [RY]