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'bras bu - fruition. The result, usually the end of a spiritual path. One of the three levels of enlightenment of a shravaka, pratyekabuddha or bodhisattva. In Mahayana the state of complete and perfect buddhahood; in Vajrayana the 'unified state of a vajra-holder,' in this book expressed as the '25 attributes of fruition.' See also 'view, meditation, action and fruition.' [RY]

'bras bu - result(ant factor)/ effect; fruition/ goal(aspect); Fruit, result, consequence, [phala]; 1) effect, fruit, consequences, fruition, result, goal, aim. 2) accomplishment, attainment, outcome. 3) adj. resultant, fruitional. 4) fruit. 5) harvest. 6) testicles [RY]

'bras bu - effect, fruition, result [thd]

'bras bu - result, fruit, goal, effect, harvest, consequence, outcome, consummation, situation, fruition, resultant forces, SA rnam smin gyi 'bras bu, bdag po'i 'bras bu, rgyu mthun pa'i 'bras bu, skyes bu byed pa'i 'bras bu, bral ba'i 'bras bu, reward, retribution, apple of the eye, tumor, swelling, fruition, fruition [JV]

'bras bu - 1) effect; 2) fruit[ion]; 3) result; 4) goal/ aim; 5) accomplishment, attainment; 6) offspring [IW]

'bras bu - result(ant factor)/ effect; fruition/ goal (aspect) (of) [RB]

'bras bu - 1) effect; 2) fruit[ion]; 3) result; 4) goal/ aim; 5) accomplishment/ attainment (6) offspring 7) medical: boil-like black circles)/: 1) thing produced by the cause, as the sprout from the seed, harvest, fruit, virtue and vice having good and bad fruitions, kham bu fruits in the third year after planting, synonyms: gang bu dang, snye ma, sbubs, mdzod.; 2) that to be established or purpose's established consequent, by error about the direction of the path even great exertion will be fruitless, 3) rlig rdog offspring , the fruit a pig engenders is a pig , ] [IW]