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kha khu sim po - calm quiet, serene, silence, tranquil [JV]

mngon par gnas par byed pa - to make fully calm [RY]

chu 'dal ba - 1) chu mched pa'am kha gram pa; 2) [arch] slowly moving/ calm water [IW]

'jags - vi. 1) to calm down, to be quelled, settle down, become quiet, peaceful, tranquil. 2) to remain [in the mind], remember, to stay with. 3) to assimilate [RY]

'jags - to calm down, settle down [JV]

'jam chag ge ba - calm w/o hustle and bustle [IW]

'jam ting nger song - calm down [JV]

'jam thing nge ba - calm w/o hustle and bustle [IW]

'jam thing nger - calm w/o hustle and bustle [IW]

snyom me - {gnas pa snyom me ba} dull type of calm [RY]

btang snyoms su gnas - indifferent calm [JV]

rtog med kyi gnas pa - the state of thoughtless remaining / calm [RY]

brtan lhing - changeless, not going back, solid, stable, calm and firm [IW]

dal yangs - calm and tranquil; {dal yangs yan lag brgyad kyi yon tan ldan} calm and tranquil and possessing the eight qualities [RY]

dus bde po - peaceful, quiet, calm [IW]

bde ba - 1) [feeling of] pleasure, bliss; 2) good [at]; 4) eas[y]; 5) happy[ness] [+well being healthy], comfort, peace, felicity, convenience, delight, joy, goodness, wholesomeness, comfortable, delight, pleasant, blissful virtu[ous] * peace, tranquillity calm [comp bde po] [IW]

bde brling du - peaceful, tranquil, calm [IW]

bde lhing - peaceful, tranquil, calm [IW]

bde lhings - peaceful, tranquil, calm [IW]

'dul ba - taming, vinaya [making bad to good. breaking a wild horse..subdue an enemy. calm another, conquer one's own harshness, cultivate, kill [Vinaya: the five classes of downfall, their causes, rising up from those downfalls, renouncing them, vows of the precepts on which one relies, individuals actually vowing the precepts, their divisions, distinguishing downfalls and being without them, teaching those 8 is called vinaya. vinaya, disciplines, taming, conversion, break in, subdue, conquer, vanquish, kill, annihilate, till, cultivate.] [IW]

'dul ba - taming, subduing, conquering vinaya [making bad to good. breaking a wild horse..subdue an enemy. calm another, conquer 1's own harshness, cultivate, kill [R] [IW]

gnas 'gyu - static and moving, calm state and movement, calm and moving mind, calm and moving, calm and thought movement, calm & movement [JV]

gnas 'gyu gnyis med - beyond the duality of calm & movement [JV]

gnas cha - stability, calmness, state of calm, calm state [JV]

gnas cha chung - calm state is not very present, less calm [JV]

gnas cha che - calm state is very present [JV]

gnas cha rnyed pa - acquired calm [JV]

gnas na gnas thog - in the very stillness when calm [JV]

gnas pa - abiding; sometimes dwelling, staying; stillness/ calm abiding; abiding, engages in, is established, last, live, one who stands on, persevere, remain, remained, stand firm, stillness, quiescence, abidance, the duration of, to persevere, abiding, to stay, to be live, lodge, dwell, stay, to last [about time]. to abide, remain; to be; (mind) at rest; to abide/ dwell/ remain (in)/ rest (upon); to maintain; (phase of) duration; calm state; to abide, to be established; adhere to, keep. 3) Subsistence, as one of the fourteen non-concurrent formations. Def. by Jamgön Kongtrül: {rgyun de nyid skyes nas ma shi'i bar du mi 'jig par yod pa'o} [RY]

gnas pa - place, stationary, remain, preoccupied with, to be established, calm state, continuity, dwell, stableness, subsistence, stabilization, maintain, stay with, exists, have existed as, exist, in, abide, being, contain, last, situated, subsist, tarry, sit, be placed, be in force, continue to exist, reside, stay, remain, continue, adhere to, persevere, religious exercise, monastic function, devotions, SA ldan pa, bstan pa, 1 of ting 'dzin rnam bzhi, state of calm, is contained in, to sustain, find oneself in the state of, state of calm, to be established, quiescent, to be based upon, to be perceived as, abide, live in, to depend upon, remain in that way, dwelling [JV]

gnas pa bskyang ba - remaining in the calm state [JV]

gnas pa snyom me ba - dull type of calm [JV]

gnas pa 'thug po - dense type of calm [JV]

gnas pa san ne brang nge ba 'tshub be ba byung na - if your calm feel restless, unsettled or fidgety [RY]

gnas pa'i ting 'dzin - contemplation of calm state, SA rnal 'byor bzhi, ting 'dzin rnam bzhi [JV]

gnas pa'i dbyibs - sense of calm [JV]

gnas par - for the calm state [JV]

rnam 'gyur mi mnga' - mind in its serene & calm state [JV]

spro zhi ba - wind or anger pacify or calm [IW]

bag phebs pa - calm atmosphere [JV]

mi rtog par gnas - thoughtfree calm [JV]

zhi - calm down, be pacified, subside, karma of pacifying, liberation, nirvana, quiescence, quietude, pensive, peace, pacification, be peaceful, [nirvanic] calm, quiet [IW]

zhi gnas - Shamatha; 'calm abiding' or 'remaining in quiescence' after thought activity has subsided; or, the meditative practice of calming the mind in order to rest free from the disturbance of thought [RY]

zhi gnas - calm abiding/ shamatha [RB]

zhi gnas - samatha, peace, tranquillity, quiet, utter calmness, passive quietude, calm state, calm, inexcitability of mind, calm abiding, mental quiescence, (peaceful staying), calm abiding in tranquillity, calm state without thought, emptiness aspect of primordial state, state of calm, serene abiding, calming the mind, state of peaceful clam, attaining peaceful calm, clam abiding, shamatha [JV]

zhi gnas - shamatha, calming the mind, being at peace, the state of peaceful calm, attaining peaceful calm; calm abiding/ shamatha; tranquility; tranquility meditation; shamatha, peaceful abiding, stillness, shamatha, calm abiding, resting in calmness, serenity [quiescence]. tranquility. dwelling in peace [RY]

zhi gnas bsgoms pa - cultivating inner calm [RY]

zhi gnas 'thug po - dense / thick shamatha, thick calm abiding; refers to a shamatha in which you practice repeatedly at cutting down thoughts to the point where you can stay in that samadhi for extraordinary lengths of time. In the end it turns into a shravaka's cessation. Regarded as a faulty meditation in the Mahamudra tradition because there is no factor of clarity with it [RY]

zhi gnas gsha' ma - natural calm state [JV]

zhe gnas btsal ba - to cultivate calm abiding, to begin by practicing shamatha [RY]

zhe lhod ngang ring - calm and patient [IW]

gzhi gnas - Inner-calm meditation [RY]

yid rnal du phab - be dispassionate/ cool/ quiet/ calm [IW]

rang lugs su gnas - abide in the natural state, to remain calm in its own natural state [JV]

rab tu zhi ba - utterly calm [JV]

rab zhi - tranquil, calm [RY]

rlung zhi - 1) wind becoming calm; 2) cure a wind disease; 3) calm anger [IW]

rlung zhi ba - 1) wind becoming calm; 2) cure a wind disease; 3) calm anger [IW]

sems kyi gnas cha - mental calm [JV]

sems gnas 'gyu - the calm and the moving mind [RY]

sems gnas pa - to quiet the mind, calm state of mind [JV]

sems lhing po - calm [JV]

sems lhod lhod - [mind] not speedy or busy, comfortable and relaxed, calm [IW]

had de ba - with wonder/ astonishment/ shock; (almost) startled; suddenly; ["a particular state of calm which resembles a state of astonishment in that one's habitual reactions to stimuli are temporarily suspended"]; "startlement"; wonderment [RB]

lhan ne gnas pa - to remain quietly, serenely calm [JV]

lhan ner gnas pa - serene calm [JV]

lhan gnas - {lhan ne gnas pa}, {lhan ner gnas pa} quiet / serene calm [RY]

lhan gnas - serene calm [JV]

lhod lhod - calm lax, slow, with relaxation [JV]