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ka shi ru - 1 of the 9 divisions of Jambudvipa, island in the Indian Ocean [IW]

ko sha lA - Koshala (a mythical river the east of Jambudvipa) [RY]

gling gzhan - other continents [than Jambudvipa] [RY]

gling bzhi - 1) {shar lus 'phags po}. 2) {lto 'dzam bu gling} 3) {nub ba lang spyod} 4) {byang sgra mi snyan} Four Continents. Sublime in Body {lus 'phags} or Purvavideha. in the east, Rose Apple Continent {'dzam bu gling} or Jambudvipa. in the south, Enjoyer of Cattle {ba glang spyod} or Aparagodaniya. in the west, and Unpleasant Sound {sgra mi snyan} or Uttarakuru. in the north [RY]

rgya gar rdo rje gdan - {lho 'dzam bu'i gling gi yul gyi dbus rgya gar rdo rje gdan} the central region is the Vajra Seat at Bodhgaya, at the center of Jambudvipa, the southern continent [RY]

gnas chen nyi shu rtsa bzhi - It is recounted in the Chakrasamvara Tantra and its commentaries (as related in MK) that the world was once ruled by Bhairava, the wrathful form of Mahadeva who made the land of Magadha the seat of his power. It is said also that four devas and four gandharvas descended from the sky and established their dominion in eight places known as the eight Celestial Abodes (mkha' spyod kyi gnas brgyad). Likewise, four yakshas and four rakshasas, already on the earth, made their way to Jambudvipa where they established themselves in eight Earthly Abodes (sa spyod kyi gnas brgyad), while four nagas and four asuras came to Jambudvipa from beneath the earth, to settle themselves in eight Underground Abodes (sa 'og gi gnas brgyad). They invited Bhairava to visit their dwellings, twenty-four in all, but he, instead of coming personally, manifested in each place as a lingam to which these savage beings would make blood sacrifices. These demonic forces prevailed from the "golden age" until the beginning of our present "era of strife and conflict." It was then, the tantra recounts, that the Blessed One, Vajradhara, knew that the time had come to subdue these unsuitable beings. Without his mind ever wavering from objectless compassion, he arose in the formidable wrathful display of a Heruka with four heads and twelve arms. He danced, and through the power of the nondual wisdom of all the Buddhas, trampled down Mahadeva and his consort together with their retinue, liberating their minds into the absolute expanse and establishing them in great bliss. The Heruka then blessed each of the twenty-four abodes as a palace of Chakrasamvara and each of the twenty-four lingams as a mandala of sixty-two wisdom deities. The sixty-two are Chakrasamvara, his consort, and his retinue: the twenty-four male and twenty-four female Bodhisattvas, and the twelve goddesses. [MR] [RY]

phyogs glang - Dignaga, [Syn {phyogs glang kyi glang po}. is, among the Six Ornaments which Beautify Jambudvipa, the recipient of the transmission of pramana, valid cognition, to bring an end to confusion about meaning [RY]

phyogs glang - Dignaga. Fifth century author of Abhidharma Kosha. Disciple of Vasubandhu, famed for his contributions to pramana, logic and epistemology. Counted among the Six Ornaments which Beautify Jambudvipa, he is the holder of the transmission of valid cognition, which brings an end to confusion about meaning [RY]

dzam bu gling - Jambudvipa, Land of Jambu [RY]

'dzam gling - 1) S continent of Jambudvipa; 2) the world [IW]

'dzam gling gi rgyan - Ornament of Jambudvipa [RY]

'dzam gling dbus su rgyas pa - be propagated in the centre of Jambudvipa [RY]

'dzam gling sa yi lte ba - center of this Jambudvipa world [RY]

'dzam bu gling - Jambudvipa [IW]

'dzam bu gling - Jambudvipa [1of the four continents, to the south of Mount Meru the Rose apple continent, land of jambu.] [IW]

'dzam bu gling - Continent of the Rose-apple Tree, Jambudvipa, southern continent [RY]

ri rab - Sumeru. Meru. Mount Meru. The mountain in the center of the world surrounded by four continents of which the southern in our known world, Jambudvipa [RY]

ri rab lhun po gling bzhi dang bcas pa - Mount Sumeru and the four continents. The mythological giant mountain at the center of our world-system surrounded by the four continents, where the two lowest classes of gods of the Desire Realm live. It is encircled by chains of lesser mountains, lakes, continents, and oceans and is said to rise 84,000 leagues above sea-level. Our present world is situated on the southern continent called Jambudvipa [RY]

sa yi lte ba - center of this world; {dzam gling sa yi lte ba} center of this Jambudvipa world [RY]

ser skya - 1) human beings, clergy and lay people. 2) Kapilavastu. 3) the city of pretas five hundred {dpag tshad} below the earth of Jambudvipa. 4) pale yellow, yellowish; yellow-brown/ lamas and laymen [RY]

lho rgyal 'dzam gling gi lte ba - the very center of the southern continent, Jambudvipa [RY]

lho 'dzam bu gling - Jambudvipa in the south [RY]

lho yi 'dzam bu'i gling - Southern continent of the Rose-apple [Jambudvipa] [RY]