Desire Realm

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skabs gsum pa - 1) the Three Times / Occasions, [a class of gods in the Desire Realm, "He who sees the three times". 2) general names for the devas / gods [RY]

'khor lo sgyur ba'i rgyal po - Universal monarch. The highest attainment within the Desire Realm [RY]

rgyal chen bzhi - four Great Kings 1) Syn {rgyal chen sde bzhi}. 2) the first heaven in the Desire Realm. Four Guardian Kings, four great kings, the four world guardians. Dhritarashtra in the east, Virudhaka in the south, Virupaksha in the west, and Vaishravana in the north [RY]

brgya byin - Shakra (Indra). Ruler of the gods of the lower heavens of the Desire Realm, who dwells in the immense Vaijayanta palace on the summit of Mount Meru. Sometimes referred to as Indra [RY]

brgya byin - Indra, king of the gods of the Desire Realm. [hundred sacrifices]. rgya byin - one of the {phyogs skyong bcu} the ten guardians of the directions; Shakra [the lord of the gods]; Indra [RY]

'dod khams kyi mtho ris gnas bcu - Ten Higher Levels of the Desire Realm. The human beings of the four continents and the six species of Kama divinities [RY]

'dod khams dbang mo - the Great Mistress of the Desire Realm [a protectoress of the Dharma [RY]

'dod nyon - the disturbing emotions in the Desire Realms [RY]

'dod pa'i khams - Desire Realms. Syn {'dod khams}; realms of desire [RY]

'dod pa'i rig pa 'dzin pa - the awareness-holder in the Desire Realm [RY]

ri rab lhun po gling bzhi dang bcas pa also (ri rab lhun po) - Mount Sumeru and the four continents. The mythological giant mountain at the center of our world-system surrounded by the four continents, where the two lowest classes of gods of the Desire Realm live. It is encircled by chains of lesser mountains, lakes, continents, and oceans and is said to rise 84,000 leagues above sea-level. Our present world is situated on the southern continent called Jambudvipa [RY]

lha ris - God realms. Six abodes of the gods of the Desire Realm; seventeen abodes of the gods of the Realm of Form, and four abodes of the gods of the Formless Realm [RY]