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'khro rgyud - literary cycle of Bonpo tradition [JV]

dga' ba don sgrub - Bonpo deity connected with the blue light [JV]

dge lha gar phyug - Bonpo deity connected with the green light [JV]

rgyal ba thod dkar - name of founder of Bonpo tradition [JV]

chab dkar - White Waters (class of Bonpo scriptures, texts and practices of rgyud), SA sgo bzhi mdzod lnga, White Waters, 1 of bon sgo bzhi [JV]

chab nag - black bon tradition, monastery in kong po, Black Waters (class of Bonpo scriptures, magical rites, funeral ceremonies, various divination rituals), SA sgo bzhi mdzod lnga, Black Waters, 1 of bon sgo bzhi [JV]

che drag ngos med - Bonpo deity connected with the red light [JV]

rtags gzigs - region in which Bonpos place the origin of their doctrines (Tazikistan) [JV]

thugs kyi lha - Bonpo deity of mind [JV]

'phan yul - texts and practices connected with monastic religion, SA sgo bzhi mdzod lnga, Portal of Ransom by Equal Exchange, class of Bonpo scripture, 1 of bon sgo bzhi, maybe the 'phan po valley in central Tibet [JV]

bar du bsgyur bon - mixed translation B"n[pos] [In the 8th century the Bonpo rgya bo byang chub having produced a Kanjur of the buddhist dharma mixed it with bon] [IW]

bon po - Bönpo. Bonpo. The religion prevalent in Tibet before the establishment of Buddhism in the 9th Century [RY]

me ri - mountain of flames, volcano, fire mountain, cycle of Bonpo scripture [JV]

sman ri - a Bonpo monastery in Tibet [JV]

rdzogs sku - Body of perfection, perfected dimension in Bonpo ontology, perfection Body [JV]

ring brgyud - temporal historical transmission, long lineage, system of Bonpo transmission, long transmission of zhang zhung oral tradition [JV]

legs bshad mdzod - basic text of Bonpo historiography [JV]

shar rdza bkra shis rgyal mtshan - Bonpo Master Shardza Rinpoche [JV]

gsal ba rang byung - Bonpo deity connected with the yellow light [JV]