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bka' srung sngags srung ma - Ekajati [RY]

sngags srung ma - Ekajati [RY]

sngags srung ye ka dza ti' - Ekajati, Guardian of Mantrayana [RY] rdo rje spyan gcig - Ekajati [JV]

dpal sngags kyi srung ma - the Splendorous Protectress of Secret Mantra; Ekajati; [RY]

dpal e ka dza ti nag mo khros ma'i rgyud - Tantra of the Black Wrathful Shri Ekajati. This tantra describes how to protect the practitioner against harms inflicted by others [RY]

yang gsang bla na med pa'i sde - Innermost Unexcelled Cycle consists of seventeen tantras. There are eighteen when adding the Ngaksung Tröma Tantra which is focused on the protective rites of Ekajati. According to the system of Padmakara, there are nineteen when including the Longsal Barwey Tantra, the Tantra of the Blazing Expanse of Luminosity [RY]

ral gcig ma - Ekajati, {rdzogs chen} protector [RY]

ral pa gcig ma - Ekajati [IW]

lha mo E ka dza ti - the goddess Ekajati [IW]