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Definition(s) and use-in-context:

see also Cognition.

ka dag stong gsal chos sku - primordially pure dharmakaya of empty cognizance [RY]

kun shes kun rig - the cognizant consciousness, consciousness and cognizance. Syn {shes rig} [RY]

mkhyen pa - (h) 1) knowledge, wisdom, exalted wisdom, knowledge, insight, understanding, cognition, perception, cognizance. 2) to know, realize, perceive, insight, cognize, understand. 3) knowing; {mkhyen pa, mkhyen pa, mkhyen pa, mkhyen} intr. v.; wisdom, knowledge; to know [RY]

mkhyen pa yongs su rdzogs pa'i mngon par shes pa - the superknowledge of completely perfected cognizance [RY]

mkhyen pa'i klong du chub pa - (h) exalted wisdom, knowledge, insight, understanding, cognition, perception, cognizance, knowing know, realize, perceive, insight, cognize, understand [IW]

dgongs pa - {dgongs pa, dgongs pa, dgongs pa, dgongs} trans. v. . (h) Of {bsam pa}. 1) mind, frame of mind, attitude, intention, thought, consideration, viewpoint, idea. 2) [to emphasize the honorific] enlightened intent, wisdom mind, realization, insight, vision, wisdom, meditation, deep experience. 3) to think, consider, concentrate upon, reflect, understand, give thought to, care for, feel, regard, realize, know, decide, intend. 4) meaning, intent, implication, understanding, cognizance, necessity, intimation, interpretation; {kyi dgongs pa} enlightened intent behind. 5) implicative, meant for, intended to be. 6) deepest sense, primordial condition, deep structure, cognition [RY]

ngo bo rang bzhin thugs rje - essence, nature, and capacity. The three aspects of the sugata-garbha according to the Dzogchen system. Essence is the primordially pure wisdom of emptiness. The nature is the spontaneously present wisdom of cognizance. The capacity is the all-pervasive wisdom of indivisibility. This is, ultimately, the identity of the Three Roots, the Three Jewels and the three kayas [RY]

snying khams - 1) power of mind, courage, daring]; 2) body dhatu connected w [dran rig] cognizance; 3) heart [IW]

rtog med rang gsal - Nonconceptual self-cognizance. The basic state of mind that is pointed out by the root guru; free from thoughts and yet naturally cognizing whatever is present [RY]

stong gsal - empty cognizance, empty luminosity, empty and cognizant, emptiness and cognizance, emptiness & clarity, empty yet lucid, empty and aware [JV]

stong gsal ngang la zhog cig - rest in the state of empty cognizance! [RY]

stong gsal 'dzin med - nongrasping empty cognizance; nondual, empty, luminous [RY]

stong gsal ye gdangs chen po - great primordial manifestation of empty cognizance [RY]

stong gsal rig pa'i snying po can - empty cognizance endowed with a core of awareness, the essential empty and clear awareness [RY]

don dam rang rig chen po - ultimate great self-cognizance [RY]

don du ma'i rnam par rig pa - cognizance/ conceptualization of many objects [IW]

dran rig - awakeness, wakefulness, cognizance [RY]

bdra don rtags gsum - symbol, meaning and sign. The three principles of symbol, meaning and sign are described in this way: 'Meaning' is the indivisible essence of cognizance and emptiness. 'Symbol' is the pure nature as the mandala of the deity. 'Sign' is what causes realization of that, the application of the aspects of deity, mantra and original wakefulness. [RY]

rnam par rig pa - conceptualization, ordinary cognition, distorted by judgments. Syn {rnam shes} formulated knowledge, consciousness. Syn {rnam par shes pa} cognition, mind, knowing, cognizance [RY]

ma bcos rang babs rang rig - self-cognizance of unfabricated naturalness [RY]

'od gsal - luminous, lucent, lucid, luminescent, radiant, light. luminous; brilliance, radiant light. radiant clarity 1) luminous clarity, luminosity; brightness, clarity, lucidity, clear light. 2) One of the 28 classes of gods in the {gzugs kyi khams}. the third realm in the {bsam gtan gnyis pa} form realm of the {bsam gtan gnyis pa ba'i}. the 2nd absorption; Prabhasvara,[a class of gods]; 3) luminous wakefulness, cognizance, 6) inner radiance. the radiance or luminosity of mind-as-such, occurring between the waking and the dream states. the Clear Light inner radiance [RY]

ye nas chos nyid rang gi rig pas rtogs pa - primordial realization through innate self-cognizance, One of {rtogs pa gnyis} The realization which is primordially acquired [RY]

ye shes - wisdom, original wakefulness. Basic cognizance independent of intellectual constructs. There are also the five wisdoms, aspects of how the cognitive quality of buddha nature functions: the dharmadhatu wisdom, mirror-like wisdom, wisdom of equality, discriminating wisdom and all-accomplishing wisdom [RY]

rang babs rang gsal - spontaneous self-cognizance [RY]

rang byung rang gsal - self-existing self-cognizance [RY]

rang bzhin brgyad cu'i rtog pa - eighty inherent thought states. 33 resulting from anger, 40 from desire and 7 from delusion. First, the thirty-three thought states resulting from anger, according to the spyod bsdus (Summary of Conduct) composed by Aryadeva, are: detachment, medium detachment, intense detachment, inner mental going, and coming, sadness, medium sadness, intense sadness, quietude, conceptualization, fear, medium fear, intense fear, craving, medium craving, intense craving, grasping, nonvirtue, hunger, thirst, sensation, medium sensation, intense sensation, cognizing, cognizance, perception-basis, discrimination, conscience, compassion, love, medium love, intense love, apprehensiveness, attraction, and jealousy. Secondly, the forty thought states of desire according to the spyod bsdus are: attachment, lack of clarity, thorough lust, delight, medium delight, intense delight, rejoicing, strong joy, amazement, laughter, satisfaction, embracing, kissing, clasping, supporting, exertion, pride, engagement, helpfulness, strength, joy, joining in bliss, medium joining in bliss, intense joining in bliss, gracefulness, strong flirtation, hostility, virtue, lucidity, truth, nontruth, ascertainment, grasping, generosity, encouragement, bravery, shamelessness, perkiness, viciousness, unruliness, and strong deceitfulness. The seven thought states of delusion are, again according to the spyod bsdus: medium desire, forgetfulness, confusion, speechlessness, weariness, laziness, and doubt [RY]

rang rig - Self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig - one's own insight; 1) self awareness; aware of oneself; 2) self consciousness (according to Chittamatra), [svasamvedana]; self-cognizing (intrinsic) awareness; [lit.] your mind, inherent cognizance. [one's] self-cognizance. 1) self-known, self-aware, natural awareness, intrinsic awareness, apperception. 2) abr. of {rang byung rig pa} self-existing insight. 3) self knower, proprioceptive, self-consciousness [apperceptive], self-knower, one's mind, one's own insight, insight, my own mind. 4) the absolute truth in Y. comp. {rang gi rig pa}; self-existing awareness [RY]

rang rig - svasamvitti, (self-validating, non-referential, immediate, self-revealing, inherent, self-, one's own pure) awareness, noetic act, (accepted by Sautrantikas and Yogachara), pure sensation, self- (knowledge, awareness, knower, cognition, cognizance), one's own innate presence, natural intelligence, consciousness, one's own rig pa, apperception, self-disclosive awareness, apperception, self-knowing, one's rigpa [JV]

rang rig ka dag - primordially pure self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig mngon sum - direct perception of intrinsic awareness/ self-cognizance, self- knowing direct perceiver TSE [IW]

rang rig mngon sum tshad ma - pramana of direct perception of intrinsic awareness/ self-cognizance [IW]

rang rig mngon gsum - the direct perception of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig chos sku - Dharmakaya of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig chos sku'i gsal mdangs - luminous dharmakaya manifestation of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig thig le nyag gcig - single circle of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig pas nyams su myong ba'i tha snyad - designation being made from experiencing with self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig blo 'das - self-cognizance beyond concepts [RY]

rang rig 'od gsal - self-cognizant luminosity, luminosity of self-cognizance [RY]

rang rig rang gsal - self-luminous mind, the self-clarity of one's own mind, self-aware natural cognizance, innate clarity of self-awareness, lucid awareness; innate clarity of self-awareness, lucid awareness, the self-clarity of one's own mind, self-aware natural cognizance [RY]

rang rig rang gsal - self-aware self-cognizance, self-cognizant awareness [RY]

rang shes rig pa'i rgyal po - king of self-cognizance; the King who is self knowing Awareness [RY]

rang gsal - self- (luminous, radiant, clarity, cognizant), inherently clear, (inherent, intrinsic) clarity, enlighten naturally, spontaneous cognizance, self-refulgent, natural clarity, the nature of clarity, inherent clarity, inherent luminosity, natural lucidity, natural awareness, its clarity [JV]

rang gsal - natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, spontaneous cognizance, natural lucidity/clarity, luminosity [IW]

rang gsal - self-luminous, naturally awake; inherent clarity, inherent luminosity; natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, natural lucidity / clarity, luminosity; natural, own clarity, radiance, brilliance, self-luminous, self-cognizance, spontaneous cognizance, natural lucidity / clarity, luminosity; one's own awareness; self-luminous [RY]

rang gsal gyi shes pa - self-luminous cognizance [RY]

rang gsal mi rtog pa'i ngang - the nonconceptual state of self-cognizance [RY]

rig pa'i gsal rig - the cognizance of awareness [RY]

rig rig tur tur pa - awake and swift-moving cognizance [RY]

sems med pa - inanimate, absence of cognizance [RY]

sems med pa'i skabs - times of absence of cognizance [RY]

so so rang gi rig ngor - at the level of individual self-cognizance [RY]

so so rang gi shes pa - individual cognizance [RY]

so so rang rig - individual knowledge, individual self-cognizance, individual self-cognizing awareness, individual self-insight / awareness, that which perceives or knows, specific knowledge of itself; [the absolute real in {sems tsam pa}] [RY]

gsal - express; look under noun / adj. / verb. 1) adj. bright, brilliant, dazzling, luminous, clear, lucid, lucent, radiant, distinct. 2) noun. light, luminosity, brilliance, lucidity, luculence, vividness, precision, sharpness, directness, radiance, distinctness, brightness, clarity. 3) verb. to cognize, know, understand, to be aware, cognizant, knowing, wakeful, awake, conscious. Syn {ha go ba} 4) to appear, show [itself], manifest, appearing [in the form of.] {'di gsal mdzod} appear here, vividly present, apparent {da lha nyid du gsal ba} apparent at this very moment. 5) energy, dynamic potential. 6) banish, clear away, remove, {rab gsal} to banish the dark ignorance. 7) elucidation, explanation, clarification, confirm {don gsal} confirm the meaning. 8) are seen clearly, show. 9) visualize {gsal btab / 'debs / gdab} 10) wakefulness, cognizance. 11) to shine, illumine; luminosity, clarity; visualize; manifest [RY]

gsal stong zung 'jug - unified cognizance and emptiness [JV]

gsal dang stong pa - cognizance and emptiness [RY]

gsal ba - luminosity, translucency, radiance, clarity, vividness, lucent clarity, clear irradiance, lucency, illumination, effulgence, clearly visible instance, manifestation, be clear, bright, light, pure, visible to a great distance, conspicuous, apparent, intelligible, fully blown, copious in fullness, manifest, set aside, turned away, fame, to appear, natural clarity, reveals itself as, to illuminate, to visualize, luminous clarity, sometimes misspelling of bsal ba, to clearly know, to manifest as, to shine, cognizance, crystal-clear, brilliant, reflects [JV]

gsal ba - 1) to appear, manifest; be clear, be apparent; appear clearly, be clearly evident. Longchenpa: Syn {mngon du gyur ba}2) clarity, cognizance, 3) instance, manifestation, 4) to illuminate, clarify, elucidate; 5) be brilliant; bright, clear, cognizant, awake, luminous; bright, distinct, ex. {nyi ma gsal ba} brilliant sun. 6) to visualize, 7) clarity, luminosity, luminous clarity, 8) clarity, the second of the three {nyams} [RY]