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sngags rigs - Brahman [JV]

bram ze - Skt. brahmana - Brahman [RY]

bram ze theg pa'i sgom - meditation according to the Brahman vehicle [IW]

tshang bu - the Brahman hole (in crown) [RY]

bram the - Brahmin [RY]

bram ze - Brahmin [thd]

bram ze chen po - Great Brahmin Saraha; Great Brahmin [RY]

bram ze chen po sa ra ha - great Brahmin Saraha [RY]

bram ze mo - a Brahmin woman [RY]

bram ze'i rigs - priestly/ brahmin class; the priestly, Brahmin caste, one of {rigs bzhi} [RY]

'bram ze'i rigs - the priestly / Brahmin caste; {rigs bzhi} [RY]