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Padampa Sangye ([[pha dam pa sangs rgyas]])
#redirect [[Nine-fold Expanse]]
A great Indian siddha who visited Tibet five times, the last time in 1098, where he taught the [[Shije]] system. His chief Tibetan disciple was the yogini [[Machik Labdron]]. [RY]
*[[Dilgo Khyentse]], [[The Hundred Verses of Advice of Padampa Sangye]]. Translated by [[Padmakara Translation Group]]. Published by [[Shechen Publications]], New Delhi, 2002. ISBN 81-7472-088-1
*[http://wahiduddin.net/budh/hundred_verses.htm The Hundred Verses of Advice of Padampa Sangye]
*[http://www.ashokaedu.net/explore/dilgokhyentse.htm excerpt]
Also: [[Phadampa Sangye]]
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