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Nondual Mingling

Erik, did you see the note I've put on gnyis med 'dres pa'i dbang Talk page: (Talk:gnyis med 'dres pa'i dbang)?

Victor (--Klimov 10:23, 24 July 2007 (EDT))

From B.j. Oct.31,08 I want to add the mini bio-s from Nyushu Khen's texts to all the relevant Bio-pages. However some are small and in which case I thought to add to the main page itself, however some are quite a bit larger, and I'm not sure about adding that much to the main pages, or just making separate pages under/listing by the titles (I.E. I have done for Mewa Khen-s Tsewang Rigdzin and Thupten Ozer/ these however are not from Nyushu's book)??? I thought to do it this way, we should add a sub-category of Tibetan Literature(I.E. Nyingma Literature etc.) "Biographies" which every lineage's would fall under, or even "Nyingma Biographies"; "Geluk Biographies", etc.? Just looking for your thought on this and which way you think we should go?

However I do like the idea of both Eng.&Tib. Bios being right there on the main pages that show under searches, because I think more young Tibetans are/will start to use this site, and having right there easy to find is sometimes a little needed. Also the Eng. bios come from, in a lot of cases, who knows where. However most every westerner&tibetan knows Nyushu Khen to be an authority on History/Nyingma&Nyingtik lineage, which creates confidence, (I think to be important) sometimes not afforded to wiki pages. A lot of things get copied from other sites, however I have seen where some of the info, names, dates and so on, where not 100%. I also know you have a good collection of older pictures. could I send a list of a few needed?

I agree, BJ. I'm off now, but back tomorrow.

Can you send me the full names of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tsoknyi, in wylie. PleaseBj Lhundrup