Phajo Drukgom Zhigpo

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Phajo Drukgom Zhigpo (pha jo 'brug sgom zhig po), ? (1184-1251)/ (1208/1275)

Phajo Drukgom Zhigpo was one the foremost disciples of Dharma Senge Sangye On. He came from eastern Tibet and, following the advice of his master to go to a place 'south of Tibet', spread the Drukpa Kagyu lineage to Bhutan.

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Alternate Names

  • (pha 'brug sgom zhig po)
  • (rtogs ldan pha jo)

Other Reference Sources

  • Dargye, Yonten and Sørensen, P.K.; The Biography of Pha 'Brug-sgom Zhig-po called The Current of Compassion; [ISBN 99936-17-00-8] National Library of Bhutan (NLB), Thimphu, 2001.

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