Pure Crystal Mountain

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dag pa shel ri - Pure Crystal Mountain, in Tsari [RY]

tsa ri - also known as {dpal gyi tsa ri tra} and {tsa ri dgangs}; one of the three most important mountains of Tibet. The other two being {dgangs dkar ti se} or Mount Kailash and {la phyi dgangs}. While Mount Kailash is certainly the most famous of the three, it is interesting to note that the fourth head of the 'brug pa bka' brgyud, the famous {'brug chen pad ma dkar po, 1527-1592}, in his guide to various holy places {gnas yig}, regards tsa ri as the most important of them. {tsa ri} is supposedly the seat of, among others, the protective deity {zhing skyong kun dga' gzhon nu}. For more information on tsa ri, see Toni Huber; The Cult Of Pure Crystal Mountain, Oxford University Press, 1999. These three mountains are listed among the {gnas chen nyi shu rtsa bzhi}, the "24 sacred places of the world" and are often called the "three holy mountains of Tibet". All three mountains are associated with the body-speech- and mind aspects of Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi. The greater part of {tsa ri} is situated in present-day Arunchal Pradesh, a federal state of India [tsd]