Statement and Realization

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The precious teachings of the Buddha consist of Statement and Realization. The Dharma of Statement is included in the Three Collections (Tripitaka), and the aspect of Realization is comprised of the Three Trainings. At first Padmasambhava clearly foretold the lotsawas who were to translate the Dharma of Statement into the Tibetan language and allowed for these to learn the topics of knowledge. Gradually, bringing lotsawas and panditas together, he created the chief circumstance for translating into Tibetan all of the sacred Dharma prevalent in the Noble Land. Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) predicted the translators Vairochana, Kawa Paltsek, and Chokro Lui Gyaltsen. The training these were given was chiefly in the science of languages. The lotsawas and panditas were placed together in pairs. [JOKYAB]

[Padmasambhava] first instigated the river of the great tradition of expounding and studying the entire statements and realization of Sutra and Mantra as well as of applying, meditating upon, and practicing the Trainings. Upon the fortunate beings and disciples he bestowed, as the most sublime teaching, all the ripening and liberating aspects of the Vajra Vehicles of Secret Mantra which through numerous special qualities are much refined when identifications with the Philosophical Vehicles are called upon. Also, when and as these are applied in practice and as experience, these reveal enlightenment within one lifetime through the dissolution of any obstacles to Realization.

By turning an infinite number of Dharma Wheels of these tantras of Mahayoga, the statements of Anu Yoga, and the instructions of Ati Yoga (Dzogchen, the Great Perfection), as well as all the profound meanings of tantras, statements, and instructions which are successively present in each of these Three Yogas, he illuminated this essence of Buddhadharma in a way which far exceeds even that of the Noble Land. [ The Light of Wisdom, vol. 1] [RY] [RWB]