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'khor lo tha ma - final turning of the wheel [of Buddhadharma] [RB]

'khor lo dang po - first turning of the wheel [of Buddhadharma] [RB]

'khor lo bar pa - middle turning of the wheel [of Buddhadharma] [RB]

rgyal po - gyalpo spirits. A type of mischievous spirit, sometimes counted among the 'eight classes of gods and demons.' When subdued by a great master, they can also act as guardians of the Buddhadharma [RY]

rgyal ba'i bstan srung - guardians of the Buddhadharma, of the teachings of the Victorious One [RY]

chos - 1) Dharma, reality 2) dharmas, phenomena 3) Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha; 1) dharma, phenomenon, thing, existent, [a truly real predicate, event, entity, element or ultimate constituent of existence]. 2) Dharma, [the Precious Dharma with eight qualities]. Religion. 3) the Dharma, the Teachings, the Doctrine. 4) quality, attribute, property, characteristic, ability. 5) a teaching, doctrine, text, scripture, sacred text. 6) right, virtue, duty, moral law, tenet, precept. 7) truth, order, law. 8) practice, dharma -, religious. 9) mental object, dharma. 10) religion, religious system, way of belief. 11) topic, point, principle. 12) meaning, value, sense, meaning, worth; content. 13) ex. +{'chad}, +{shod}, +{smra}, to preach, give religious teaching, +{nyan}, to hear, listen to religious teaching, +{byed}, to practice religion, live a religious life, +{zhu}, to receive religious instruction, t seek, ask for religious teaching. imp. of {'chos}, and {'cha'}, 14) mind objects, 5 of 16 aspects of the 4 holy truths. one of the {phyag rgya bzhi}, four mudras; phenomenon; factor/ element; property/ quality/ attribute; spiritual teaching/ Buddhadharma/ dharma; don chos go bar byed pa'i gzhi} imp. of {'chos pa}; events; can that which has [certain] qualities or attributes, subject [in logic context]. phenomenon, phenomena, Dharma, teachings [RY]

chos - phenomenon; factor/ element; property/ quality/ attribute/ aspect; spiritual teaching/ Buddhadharma/ dharma/ teaching of the Buddha; idea (mental phenomenon/ event); (spiritual) situation/ circumstances; isc. principle/ tenet [RB]

chos kyi 'khor lo bskor ba - to turn the wheel of Buddhadharma; to teach Buddhism [RB]

chos kyi 'khor lo rim pa gsum - three successive turnings of the wheel of Buddhadharma [RB]

chos kyi phung po - collection of spiritual teachings/ Buddhadharma [RB]

chos phan byed - to benefit the Buddhadharma [RY]

chos tshigs kyi yul dbus - {sangs rgyas kyi bstan pa dam pa'i chos gang du gnas pa} a spiritually central place is wherever the sublime Buddhadharma exists [RY]

chos la mos pa - his heart inclined to Buddhadharma [RY]

chos la smod pa - to disparage the Buddhadharma [RY]

bstan pa rgyas pa - spreading the Buddhadharma [RY]

bstan pa'i rkang 'dren - disgrace for the Buddhadharma; debase the teaching; x {bstan pa'i rkang 'dren pa yin} this will debase the teaching [RY]

bstan srung - guardians of the Buddhadharma; protective deities; the guardians of the teachings [RY]

dus lnga brgya - Five-hundred year period. Periods of each five hundred years. The Buddhadharma is said to last ten such periods [RY]

drag sngags - Fierce mantras. A certain type of mantras belonging to wrathful deities. They are used to dispel demonic forces that obstruct the continuation of the Buddhadharma or the welfare of sentient beings [RY]

bdag nyid kyis sangs rgyas kyi chos yongs su smin par byed - bdag nyis kyis completely ripen the Buddhadharma [IW]

phyi ma'i bstan pa ma byung ba'i bar du - until the next Buddhadharma appears [RY]

sangs rgyas kyi chos la skyabs su song zhig - you must take refuge in the Buddhadharma [RY]

sangs rgyas kyi bstan pa - Buddhadharma, Buddhism, the teachings of the Buddha. Syn {bstan pa, chos} [RY]

sangs rgyas kyi bstan pa dam pa'i chos - the sublime Buddhadharma [RY]