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1) place [R]; 2) root, origin [R]; 3) thing dharma [R]; 4) cause, seed [R] source of, basis, ground, referent, object, objective support, foundation, basic ground, basic nature,[R] [IW]

rtsod gzhi - the subject of the debate. [ggd] (RY)

1) basis; source, basis; foundation, basis, base, basic [ground]. 2) Syn don referent, the object, objective support. Syn dngos po 3) ground (of being); ground aspect; ground, basic ground, basic nature. Syn buddha nature. Syn de gshegs snying po ka dag klong rig pa'i klong 4) to form a basis for, a source of; matters; to cause, ex. +r gyur which causes. which is the foundation. fundamental state; 5) basic; foundational, ground-, fundamental. (RY)

1) place khyim gzhi,//sa gzhi,//yul gzhi,//gnas gzhi; 2) root, origin rmang gzhi,//rten gzhi,//ma gzhi,//tshos gzhi,//dngos gzhi,//gzhi gcig du mar spro ba,//gzhi 'cha' ba; 3) thing dharma khyad gzhi,//mtshan gzhi,//bslab gzhi,//rtsod gzhi,//gyod gzhi; 4) cause, seed nad gzhi,//yong gzhi,//'byung gzhi,//gzhi ci las gyur pa,//gzhi med par 'bras bu mi yong,//. source of, basis, ground, referent, object, objective support, dngos po - foundation, basis, ground, basic ground, basic nature, (syn buddha nature, de gshegs snying po ka dag klong rig pa'i klong. (IW)

[positive sense] ground (of being); ground aspect (of); isvfc. matrix [negative sense] basis/ foundation. (RB)

substratum. [ggd] (RY)

basic, primary, groups, foundation, whole of given, ground of one's being, fundamental stuff, ground, SA dmigs pa'i gzhi, that which gives origin to a thing, (original, exciting) cause, root, seed, floor, residence, abode, home, axiom, proposition, contents, tenor, support, base, principle, basis, ground of being, foundation. (JV)