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Before his death, the famed Tibetan siddha Thangtong Gyalpo blessed with his body, speech and mind his close disciple Tendzin Chöje Nyima Zangpo (bstan 'dzin chos rje nyi ma bzang po) who was also said to be his son. The latter is therefore considered to be a "reincarnation before death" (ma 'das sprul sku). (Communicated by Cyrus Stearns.) The successive incarnations of Nyima Zangpo are known as the Chakzam tulkus (lcags zam sprul sku) and were the heads of Chuwori (chu bo ri) Monastery, in central Tibet. The lama whom Shabkar met might have beenTendzin Yeshe Lhundrup (bstan 'dzin yes shes lhun grub), the seventh and most famous incarnation, or the eighth incarnation, Tendzin Khyenrab Thutop (bstan 'dzin mkhyen rab mthu stobs). [MR-ShabkarNotes] [[ ]]
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སྐུ་ཕྲེང༌། - Successive Incarnations of Chakzam Tulku Rinpoche

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