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Awareness [GD]

1.(tha mi dad pa) ; 1) seeing [mdun lam rig pa,//mun nang gang yang mi rig pa,//mig gis dngos su rig pa,//yid mi dga' bar rig pa,//rang gi ngo yi gyag mi rig gzhan gyi mgo yi shig rig pa]; 2) rtogs pa'am shes pa,//.Gna stsul rig pa,//nang don rig pa,//thams cad so sor ruig pa,//yang dag par rig pa,//ji bzhin du rig nas lag len bstar ba,//2//.1) Blo'am shes pa ste, rang yul mthong ba, rang rig dna gzhan rig lta bu'o,//rig pa'i nag du ma shar ba,//rig pa 'dzol ba,//rig pa rte gcig tu bsgrims,//rig pa rgyan yan du gtong ba; 2) blo gros,//rig pa bkra ba,//rig pa grung po,//ri8g pa grims po,//rig pa nyog po,//rig pa nyams pa; 3) bslab par bya ba'i gzhi,//nang rig pa,//phyi rig pa,//thun mong ma yin pa'i rig pa,//gso ba'i rig pa,//4) chos lugs khag gis bshad pai rnam shes,//rig pa rten dang bral ba,//. ; 1) know, cognize, understand, see, 2) cognition, understanding, knowledge, insight, mantra 3) intellectual reasoning, rationality, philosophy, [intrinsically] real, reason, awareness, insightful, intuitive awareness 4) learned, the flash of knowing that gives its illumining quality 5) noun the knower/ cognizer, mind [= *shes rig*], pure presence, sheer presence, awareness mind, wakefulness, intrinsic awarenese, awakeness, intelligence and openness, precision and sharpness with space Notes Usual translation, S vidya, clarity and penetrating transparency, awareness, dharmakaya guru, science, logic, mantra, cognition, intellect, Notes two of 8 [?) qualities describing the sangha mind [Tserig] [IW]

Rigpa. The state of awareness devoid of ignorance and dualistic fixation [RY]

aptitude for studies [RY]

awareness; isc. the awareness recognized . . . ; to be aware (of) [RB]

awareness [thd]

reasoning; as in rnam bshad rig pa Well Explained Reasoning [RY]

(pure, sheer, instantaneous, instant) presence, know, knower, knowledge, understand, actually experience, (immediate, pure, intrinsic, aesthetic, value-sustained, pure non-dual) awareness, noetic act, pure sensation, information input, cognition, cognitive (capacity, being), energetic charge, intrinsic perception, science, SA rtogs pa'i rig pa, the flash of knowing that gives awareness its illumining quality, insight, logic, mantra, talent, wit, science, learning, literature, intellectual reasoning, awakened awareness, knowing in-a-flash, state of contemplation, intelligence, true condition of the mind of the individual, conscious mind, to notice, to recognize, to see, discovering, discovers, real knowledge, recognition [JV]

vidya 1) rig pa, rig pa, rig pa intr. v.; to know, cognize, understand, see, be aware of. 2) intelligence, cognition, understanding, knowledge, insight. 3) intellectual reasoning, rationality, logic, philosophy, [intrinsically] real, reason, intellect, awareness, insightful; science 4) knowing, nondual mind, pure / sheer presence, awareness mind, wakefulness, intuitive awareness, intrinsic awareness, awakeness, immediate awareness. 5) noun. the knower / cognizer, mind [Syn shes rig. 6) Two of six/eight qualities describing the sangha. 7) in gnas 'gyu rig gsum - noticing. 8) mantra [RY]

Awareness, pure (rig pa): the non-dual ultimate nature of mind, which is totally free from delusion. [MR]


See Rigpa for more usage patterns.