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rig pa - <(click this for definitions)

Possible uses (Tibetan and English renderings):

skad cig ma yi rig pa - instant rigpa [JV]

skad cig rig klong - dimension of instant rigpa [JV]

skad cig rig pa - instant rigpa [JV]

ji bzhin rig pa - precise knowledge of rigpa, precisely recognizes [JV]

rtogs pa'i rig pa - functioning of immediate awareness in intuitive understanding, recognition in the state of rigpa [JV]

thugs rje'i rig - rigpa endowed with the potentiality of energy [JV]

bder gshegs snying po sems rig dbyer med - sugata essence of undifferentiated sems and rigpa [RY]

rdo rje lu gu - vajra chains, the essential manifestation of the primordial state of rigpa, awareness as expanse of reality manifesting in the form of spheres of light [JV]

snang rig bsres - unify rigpa with vision, unify vision & rigpa [JV]

dbyer med rig - rigpa which is the inseparability [JV]

ma rig pa - avidya, unknowing, ignorance, lack of rigpa, unawareness, imperceptive, extrinsic perception, dimmed intrinsic awareness, unenlightenment, deluded mind, nonrecognition of awareness, unawareness, not notice, to not recognize [JV]

rang rig - svasamvitti, (self-validating, non-referential, immediate, self-revealing, inherent, self-, one's own pure) awareness, noetic act, (accepted by sautrantikas and yogacara), pure sensation, self- (knowledge, awareness, knower, cognition, cognizance), one's own innate presence, natural intelligence, consciousness, one's own rig pa, apperception, self-disclosive awareness, apperception, self-knowing, one's rigpa [JV]

rang rig gdangs - gdangs energy of one's rigpa [JV]

rang rig pa las ma gtogs pa - can be understood only thanks to one's own rigpa [JV]

rang rig pa'i dag pa - purity of one's rigpa so self-liberation is possible through both conceptual and non-conceptual meditation [JV]

rang rig ma dag - impure rigpa [JV]

rig klong - state of rigpa [JV]

rig ngo - essence of rigpa [JV]

rig gdangs - the gdangs energy of rigpa, gdangs energy of rigpa, gdangs of rigpa [JV]

rig gdangs skad cig - instantaneous state of the gdangs energy of rigpa [JV]

rig gdangs skad cig ma - the gdangs energy of instantaneous rigpa [JV]

rig snang - visions of rigpa [JV]

rig pa ka dag - primordial purity of rigpa [JV]

rig pa skad cig ma - state of instant rigpa [JV]

rig pa byang chub sems - one's rigpa-bodhicitta [JV]

rig pa ye shes - intrinsic awareness, primordial wisdom, insight-wisdom, awareness of primordial wisdom, wisdom of rigpa, 1 of phur pa bzhi [JV]

rig pa gsal - clear rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i klong - rigpa dimension [JV]

rig pa'i sku lnga - five kayas of rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i rgyal po - majestic awareness, prince of learning, science, supreme rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i ngang - state of rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i gdangs - gdangs energy of rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i rtsal - potency of awareness, energy of pure presence, power of awareness, potentiality of awareness, creative energy of awareness, visible manifestations of the energy of the state of Awareness, Tsal energy of rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i rtsal dbang - empowerment of the energy of rigpa [JV]

rig pa'i gshis - state of rigpa [JV]

rig rtsal - literature and art, expression of awareness, insight, technique, art and literature, the rtsal energy of rigpa [JV]

rig rtsal ma 'gags - uninterrupted tsal energy of rigpa [JV]

rig gshis - state of rigpa [JV]

rig gsal - clear awareness, awareness and clarity, clear rigpa [JV]

rlung rig dwangs - prana and rigpa are limpid [JV]

sems rig - mind, sem and rigpa; mind [RY]

sems rig dbyer med - undifferentiated sems and rigpa [JV]

so so rang rig - immediate experience, individualizing intrinsic perceptivity, discriminative self-awareness, state of rigpa of each individual [JV]

gsal stong rig - rigpa related to clarity and emptiness [JV]

gsal stong rig pa - rigpa of clarity and emptiness [JV]

hrig ge ba'i rig - wide-awake rigpa [JV]

hrig ger rig pa - wide-awake rigpa [JV]