'bebs pa

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babs pa to come (down) [RB]

crashing thunderbolt cast down, throw down, cause to fall, put in place [IW]

phob to send/ bring down; to cause to fall [RB]

'bebs pa, phab pa, dbab pa, phob trans. v.; pt. of phab ft. of dbang imp. of phob conjecture of 'bab pa; to cast down, throw down, to cause to fall. crashing [thunderbolt]. cause to fall, fall, descend, come down, be brought down, bring down, cause to fall, rain, - down. descend, come down, be brought down. strike down; to send/ bring down; cause to fall [RY]

descend, (let, cast, throw, lay) down, cause to (descend, fall down), assign, settle, fix, establish, bending, to flex, SA tshigs sbyong lnga, leaping [JV]