'dod pa'i khams

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Desire Realms. Syn 'dod khams; realms of desire [RY]

desire realms of sense desire [IW]

desire realm [RB]

the desire realms; Mipham def: mnar med nas gzhan 'phrul dbang byed kyi bar te, 'dod lha drug mi bcu gnyis, dmyal ba bcu drug, dud 'gro dang, yi dvags bcas gnas ris so drug gam, lha min logs su phye na so bdun du yang 'gyur ro The desire realms consist of 36 abodes from the Incessant Hell up to Mastery Over Others' Creations: the six abodes of desire gods, the 12 abodes of human beings, the abodes of animals and of hungry ghosts, and the 16 hells. When demigods are classified separately, there are 37. [RY]

SA 'dod khams [JV]