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1) be alike/ the same ['di tsho 'dra gi red]; 2) like/ [such] as; 3) according to [bstan 'dra]; 4) probably [yod/ yin pa 'dra]; 5) copy, duplicate [yi ge'i 'dra gcig] [IW]

1) be alike/ the same; 2) like/ [such] as; 3) according to; 4) probably; 5) copy, duplicate [IW]

1) copy. 2) vi. to be alike, be the same. 3) like, as, according to, in accordance with, probability [RY]

verb + pa 'dra - must be that (the verb occurred) [RY]

comparative term, be like, equal, similar, like, as, just as, like, similar, verb + pa 'dra = probably, it can be compared to, just like, most probably [JV]