'dres pa

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mixture [of color[s], crossbreed, blend, compound [IW]

to confuse/ muddle/ mix (things) up; confused/ confounded; adulterated [RB]

1) mixed; 2) mix [up] many dissimilar things together; 3) affect; 4) corrupt/ adulterate; 5) dissolve/ [be] merged; 6) variegated color; 7) blend/ compound [IW]

indeterminate, mixed [in logic] [ggd] [RY]

confusion, attunement, fusing, blend, mix, associate, unify, be mixed, mixture, affected, corrupted, dissolve, adulterated, adjoining, intermingle, intermix, merge, mingle, integrate, commingled, to integrate, diffuse, to integrate with, to merge into [JV]

adulterated, affected, be merged, corrupted, dissolve, dissolved, integrating, intermingled, mingle into each other, mingle together, mingled, mixed. Syn 'dres ma; mixed/ interconnected; pf. of 'dre ba [RY]