'du shes med pa'i lha

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conceptionless gods [RY]

perceptionless/conceptionless gods [as a great fruition of dwelling in the 4th dhyana, they exist with unified mind. As soon as that arises except for the time of death, the motion of mind and mental contents ceases and stays so for a period up to many kalpas.] [IW]

perceptionless/ conceptionless gods [IW]

the perceptionless gods [RY]

gods who are absorbed in a state of mental blankness; lha tshe ring po zhes pa ni 'du shes med pa'i lha ste dge sdig gang gi yang 'du shes med pa'i bsam gtan la thar par bzung nas bsgoms pas 'du shes med pa'i lhar skyes ting nge 'dzin de'i ngang du bskal chen mang po'i bar du gnas nas 'phen byed kyi las zad pa na log lta'i rgyus ngan song du skye bas chos byed du mi khoms pa yin the long-lived gods are those gods who are absorbed in a state of mental blankness. beings are born in this realm as a result of believing that liberation is a state in which all mental activities, good or bad, are absent, and of meditating upon that state. They remain in such states of concentration for great kalpas on end. But once the effect of the past actions that produced that condition has exhausted itself they are reborn in the lower realms because of their wrong views. They, too, lack any opportunity to practise the Dharma [RY]