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1) establish; 2) arrange; 3) compose; 4) set on/ out)/ [draw up, formulate, plan, array, compose, create, design, display, distribute, establish, manifest, order, place, plan, put, put together, set, set out, spread, structure, record, write down, compose, fall, put into, insert, order, smear, publish, issue, report] [IW]

design, put, set, build, to record, write down, sign, draw up, formulate a plan, to put in, insert [JV]

/ [p bkod khod!],; 1) establish [in]; 2) arrange; 3) compose; 4) set on/ out/ down, write down, sign; 5) draw up, formulate, plan; 6) put in, insert [IW]

establish [RY]